Let no one get you!

Let no one get you!

Well, what was the reason? Why did he attack? Land, territory? But the Russian Federation has enough land to give away for free. Do they want people? That is how people became enemies for decades, and such an outcome was predictable in advance. Minerals, Luhansk coal? Because the cost of the Ukrainian coal from the ultra-deep mines is five times higher than in the neighboring Rostov region, where it is extracted by open-pit method – an excavator simply scoops up with a bucket which is the same size as the body of a Kamazov truck, and loads an open-pit dump truck to the top.

Some of the opposition members who have escaped from Russia believe that after the Crimean occupation and annexation, putin got his head spinning – everything went so smoothly and successfully, with such good results in all spheres, but especially in the electoral one… So, he decided to continue, reckoning to make a bid for the glory of the collector of lands, Peter the “Great”.

Here is another explanation for the entire russian-Ukrainian war. Think back to the year of 2014, when special forces of the Russian Armed Forces seized the Crimean parliament on the night of February 26-27, committing an act of aggression against sovereign Ukraine. This is the starting point to analyze the situation. Here, we can already say who threw the first stone. And then everything started rolling. And president Yanukovych of Ukraine was in place, he was to be taken to the russian federation only a few days later. And then, Ukraine did not declare an anti-terrorist operation, and most Ukrainians considered the Russians to be their friends, brothers, and relatives…

Do you remember how delighted they were to get the news of Crimea’s annexation? How easily all the propaganda and propaganda shots, designed to raise the level of righteous anger and enthusiasm for the massacre of unruly Ukrainians, were received by the population of our country? Crucified boys from Sloviansk, burnt-out pregnant old women from the Trade Union House in Odesa, the Angel Alley in “ORDLO”… (temporarily occupied territories in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions)… And Nazis, Nazis, Nazis! Ukrainian Nazis marching around with torches, dreaming of hanging muscovites! All the official, semi-official, and completely unofficial russian media on all channels and Internet forums savored the topics, but nowhere did they make the slightest attempt to identify the root of the evil, who started it, and what was the true cause of the tragic events in Ukraine. No one wanted to and would listen to them.

So, this other explanation of the causes of the russian-Ukrainian war is the state of consciousness of the Russians after the collapse of the ussr. It is a public unconscious that has grown socially prevalent. It is the phantom pain of a lost body part that has made it impossible for millions of Russians to live in peace. Thus a policeman summoned to a family scandal is surprised to find out during the questioning of witnesses and participants that the husband who beat his wife is not her husband at all, since he is divorced by court order. He is discharged from the apartment, he is, in fact, a complete stranger, but regularly comes, being drunk to death, to his old address, kicks in doors, bullies, beats his wife, breaks the furniture, and when asked about the reason for such behavior he says, “And she’s f…ed!”

Those Russians look the same way, with their claims to Ukraine and their claims for Ukrainian property. Our society could not come to terms with the fact that Ukraine “left, preferring someone else,” someone quite alien and hated by Russia (the United States, Europe). “Oh, is it the way you are? You spit on everything good that we had in common, didn’t you? Well, f*ck you, hold on!”

With this approach to judging events, it is no longer necessary to talk about a sober assessment of the situation, a SWOT analysis, or a bifurcation point… It is already about biting, hurting at all costs, and inflicting the greatest damage, even at the cost of our own significant losses. After that, the explanation becomes rational: “the wind blows because the trees shake”, and no one attempts to question the sacred mission of “protecting the russian population of Donbas”, “fighting NATO at the country’s borders”, “saving the russian-speaking population from the Nazis”.

A desperation dictated by resentment and an unwillingness to accept the reality in which the Russian leadership and the majority of the population find themselves nowadays makes it possible to commit all possible crimes. There is no point in saying that Russia, unable to defeat Ukrainians on the battlefield, consciously and officially chooses the terror of the population as a military tactic… Ukrainian cities are methodically shelled with all kinds of modern Russian weaponry: a ballistic missile at a sleeping apartment building – how is that possible?  Is this the way the glorious Russian warriors fight? Is the goal to wipe Ukraine off the face of the earth? Is Ukraine to be either Russian or deserted? Then no one will ever get it, will they? So, don’t talk again about the Alley of Angels, don’t multiply the lies. Ukraine did not attack first, did not commit acts of aggression against Russia, on the contrary, it was Russia that blew the wind of war, from which not only trees sway but whole buildings crumble together with people.

At first Crimea was occupied, then the Russian FSB agent Strelkov-Girkin came to Ukrainian Slavyansk and began to put together a militia, then Russian money, weapons, and instructors went there. Chronology matters a lot. And there is no need to swap cause and effect.

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