“Law against fakes about the army” and the right to independence

“Law against fakes about the army” and the right to independence

The bunker king signed a law on confiscation of property “for fakes about the army.”

And immediately his military correspondents began to write that the crew of the Caesar Kunikov, which sank today after an attack by surface drones, was alive. Like, only the ship was damaged.

But they know nothing about the fate of the crew, because the search and rescue operation has just begun. This means that these are fakes about the army, and they were created by his own watch dogs right after he signed the “law against fakes.” By the way, the Kremlin king loves symbolic dates, and today is just like this: the Soviet officer in whose honor the ship was named died on February 14, 81 years ago.

The empire’s fleet in the Black Sea will soon cease to exist – there are few ships left, and NATO does not allow ships from other fleets to be brought in.

That is, at least during the war for the independence of the Caucasus, Kuban countries and the Don Troops region, their insurgents will no longer might be attacked by the imperial ship missiles from the Black and Azov Seas. Only air and ground forces will remain, as well as the Caspian Fleet, which is much smaller.

And Ukraine understands this very well. Yesterday, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine supported the resolution recognizing the right of the Ingush people to independence, and also condemned the illegal deportation of the Ingush in 1944 – this is the second nation of the Caucasus that received the recognition from the sovereign state. Other countries will follow the example of Ukraine. This is just a question of time – Ukraine needed a year from the moment the resolution was submitted for consideration.

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