Lacquered death

Lacquered death

Karabash is a Bashkort town in the Chelyabinsk region, which symbolizes the future of both the entire Idel-Ural (if the status of the servile republics is maintained) and Bashkortostan in particular.

As usual, Moscow is trying to remove all such information from Internet search engines – a typical technique of varnishing reality.

About 10,000 people live in the town, where the vegetation is gradually dying, there are purple-black mountains and a crimson river flows. The local bread factory is even afraid to indicate Karabash as the place of production, since no one will buy such bread.

Karabash is probably the dirtiest town on the continent. It was made this way by barbaric copper mining, when geological developers were allowed to give a damn about the state of the environment.

In 1931, 8,300 people lived here, but in just 8 years the number of residents grew to 38,300, they were workers and their families who devastated the depths of this land. Gradually, life here became impossible, and people were replaced by machines, as newcomers began to leave en masse, leaving the polluted town to the local residents.

“Karabash is the road to hell”

Moscow residents have organized tourism here, it is fun for them to come for a day to see how the local Bashkorts are dying out and what diseases their children get from birth so that Moscow does not deny itself anything.

Moscow residents will not allow anything similar in their city. But on the lands of the indigenous peoples, this is always welcome.


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