Kremlin public pages say that thanks to Mari El, there will soon be drinking water Novomlynivka 

Kremlin public pages say that thanks to Mari El, there will soon be drinking water Novomlynivka 

This is the Zaporizhzhya region, where Marvodstroy workers have already laid 3 km of water supply system and brought powerful generators for water pumps. Although in Mari El itself there are dozens of villages where not only no water has been supplied, but there are not even plans for such a thing. Not to mention the problems with city water supplies. Why are they laying it to Novomlynivka? For locals? There are almost none of them left there – many fled so as not to be in the company of the “benefactors” of the Russian world.

Novomlynivka, or Дӧртоба, was founded by the Turkic-speaking Greeks – the Urums. These same Greeks, during the time of Catherine II, were forcibly deported by Moscow to the Azov region from the then newly captured Crimea. During World War II, in the Rozovsky district, where Novomlynsvka is located and where predominantly Greeks lived (the district was later renamed and attached to the Pologsky district), there were the Ukrainian Insurgent Army underground. That is, the Urums struggled against Soviet authorities, knowing from their history what Moscow and the Russian world meant.

And now the Urums have been “liberated.” Although they tried twice to prevent the Rushists from entering their land.

The village is relatively small – before the occupation, 522 people lived there. And, miraculously, there was not only water there, but also a factory, an agricultural enterprise, an elementary school, and a cultural center. Can you imagine? Neither a farm nor a factory can operate without water. As soon as the Rushists came there, problems with water happened, and the factory and agricultural enterprise closed.

Now the majority of the village population was forced to flee from the new Muscovite occupation and the high probability of new mass deportation. It turned out that the Greeks lived on “Russian land.” Which actually belonged to the Polovtsians and from whom the deported Greeks learned the Turkic language. Now, for some reason, this “Russian land” should be developed by Mari El, and not Moscow – for the convenience of the Russian army and future Rushist colonists who will be settled in this village.


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