Kazan Federal University was disconnected from Microsoft

The reason was the sanctions against its rector, Lenar Safin. “A powerful blow has been dealt to the university,” Tatar-inform, the Kremlin’s info dump, informs. Microsoft 365, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, and even email are now inaccessible to students and professors. In addition, foreign universities, in particular from the Czech Republic and Germany, refused to cooperate with the university.

The students protested against the appointment of Lenar as a rector through connections, but their protest was quickly blown away, because his daughter Sabina is the wife of the nephew of gauleiter Minnikhanov himself. Both children of Safin did not study for a single day in Tatarstan educational institutions, but they studied in Switzerland and England.

Some people are outraged – they say, why are such sanctions needed, because of which “ordinary people” suffer more, and not officials and their children. Well, sanctions are needed for this, so that “ordinary people” suffer, because it is on these very “ordinary people” that the regime rests. As long as there is no critical mass of the population that is ready to protest, as long as people are not ready to change something and overthrow the criminal government, then everything suits them. If it suits them, they are accomplices in the Kremlin’s crimes, which means they should suffer. This is the logic of sanctions. One can say as much as he likes that people are simply intimidated, but when a person simply has nothing to lose, he is not afraid of anything.


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