Is our future a desert?

Is our future a desert?

The huge scale of exploitation of the colonial territories goes sideways for the indigenous population not only as the loss of their resources or the occurrence of environmental disasters.

In the Udmurt Makarovo village there were no roads anyway, there was a dirt road – so  timber trucks working around the clock even plowed it to take out more of the national treasure of Udmurtia and turn it into the property of the metropolis.

Local residents, instead of blocking the way for timber trucks, punching tires or burning them, complained to gauleiter Brechalov, the one who was appointed by Moscow to oversee the plundering of Udmurtia. 

Surely now these residents will receive some kind of subpoena. Since it is not good for serfs to complain to the boyar about the actions performed by the order of the boyar.

By the way, if there will be no forest, the scope of the spring floods that the entire Volga region suffered this year will increase even more and floods will occur even in summer, after heavy rains. Forest reduces the average temperature in the republic. Without it, the microclimate of the republic will be drier, hotter, and this will lead to new losses not only of forests, but also to a deterioration in conditions for agriculture. The desert, which is periodically flooded, is a possible future.


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