Is it worth kissing the devil’s tail?

Is it worth kissing the devil’s tail?

“Yes I read sometimes, I laugh. The most idiotic Russian-language channel about the Volga region. Doomed to failure idea with Idel-Ural. Success to these guerrillas and 2,400 of their followers,” – wrote one of the admins of Telegram-channel “Angry Chuvashia”. The contempt of the administration of “Zerdita Chuvashia” is caused by the fact that they do not advocate the dissolution of the Russian Federation and independence, like “Free Idel-Ural”, but for a “new” version of the federation, which, as it were, should be organized “differently” than the current non-empire. And one of the administrators of “Serdiya Chuvashia” Semyon Kochkin was prosecuted for discrediting the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Following the logic of Semyon Kochkin, a loyal subject of the United and indivisible Russia, now in the dubious status of political candidate, the main thing is not the integrity of the idea, its ultimate goal, or the reality of the ways to achieve it, but something else altogether… “And what?” – ask you, dear reader. And the circulation of the newspaper, the attendance of the channel, the number of clicks and subscribers, that’s what! And keep it quiet, no concussions, no casualties, in short, no jitters. Like the right logic of a normal random philistine from the imperial hinterland: sit in your Chuvashia, know how to write articles to protect ecological objects, preserve the traditions of the national craft of carving spoons, campaign for the protection of white unicorns and the creation of a “democratic Russia”. And will visit the channel absolutely safely, read editorial messages absolutely calmly, speak on the forums absolutely indifferent, and the main thing… The main thing is absolutely inconsequential, i.e. even without the hypothetical emergence of any external threat.

With all due respect to the highly respected fighter for the real transformation of Baba-Yaga into Vasilisa the Beautiful, I want to note: something at “Hearty Chuvashia” did not work out! Somewhere revered admirers of magical metamorphoses in Russian politics gave a bang! And gave thoroughly! How else? If a man of creative aspirations with all his might, on a full salary, advocates for the gradual, peaceful and bloodless transformation of the Russian imperial government into a federation of people’s democracies, then the answer should be to expect delight from Metropolis, full support from the state apparatus, in torment of despotism and totalitarianism, and in fact…

And in fact – for tsugunder! It didn’t merge! That’s the creep, it didn’t work! Such beautiful magical castles, such delight. Anyone here will shout, “You imperial creatures, totalitarian usurpers, if you and your Renewed Imperial Federation thrice…” Stop, stop, no, you can’t do that! No way! I’m sorry, I almost said something stupid! Almost ruined everything! What an Empire with a Federation, what a revolution with a reconstruction! Readers will run away if you change course and stop writing fine-souled poems about sinless renewal. That’s what’s most important to us, that’s what we need to fight for? That’s right – readers, clicks, subscribers. But for them, in order to like them, you can kiss the Devil himself (GDP) under the tail and stomp! After all, “Angry Chuvashia” is a greatness, it’s a name! And please leave the ideas of the revolution to the Free Idel-Ural, let them continue to fight and make people laugh. Ha-ha-ha, your 2,400 followers.

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