In the Urals, a power plant that supplied electricity to three military factories was blown up

The partisans laid explosives on the territory of the station – exactly with their hands, and not using drones. This is at least the 3rd case of a power plant being blown up, if you do not take into account the blowing up of large power poles at power line forks.

The Russians inform that the explosion happened in Yekaterinburg, but what kind of Yekaterinburg is this if even the Russian propaganda version of Wikipedia does not conceal the fact that the lands of the Bashkorts, to which the Russians came and gave their names to villages that supposedly were not there, despite the fact that the Russians describe the buildings there and list their types. They say, “someone” destroyed the villages BEFORE Russian colonization, and then no one was interested in such attractive lands at the intersection of transport routes. And such a tale is told about the territories of any people where the Russians invaded – before the Russians there was nothing anywhere, the land always belonged to no one.

However, everything is correct: first the troops go and only then the colonists go to the already “liberated” lands.

Now this territory needs a reverse process of decolonization and de-Russification. And it has already begun.


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