In Donbas, Russians launch Ukrainian missiles transferred under the security guarantees in the 1990s

In Donbas, Russians launch Ukrainian missiles transferred under the security guarantees in the 1990s

According to the Ukrainian media outlet Television News Service (TSN), russians are constantly bombarding Ukrainian cities and towns along the front lines from fighter jets and helicopters. 

Ukrainian defenders are enhancing their skills by attacking air targets even more precisely now. Hence pricey Russian precision air missiles are not used that often. The enemy is plundering air-to-surface missiles instead. Several air missiles hit industrial facilities in Sloviansk. They have evidently exploded in 15 minutes by leaving huge shell crates and causing damages. 

Ukrainian defenders often find grey fiberglass shells, thick wires, electric panels, gear wheels and large component parts of thrust engines at huge craters left by russian air missiles. If upgraded, these missiles are capable of carrying nuclear warheads. Ironically, when Ukraine was disarming in the course of its defense conversion, Ukraine passed over a large batch of such missiles to russia in exchange for security guarantees. Now the “security guarantor” is attacking Ukraine using all this metalware. 

On the outskirts of Huliaipole, there is debris of russian Ovod precision missile X-59, most likely MK2 modification. They are launched from air-to-surface by russist Su-24M pilots. Russist aviation is sweeping away and ruining everything: buildings, seeds and even ground are burning. Tens of meters of tubes are dangerously sticking out. “We have pulled it out from the house. People stopped us and said that “Grad” was sticking out right in the kitchen. We entered the house, looked at it and realized it was not “Grad”. It was a munition element attached to helicopters, the so called air-to-air missiles. There is a hexagon inside them which blows out. It is capable of affecting the manpower, notably the infantry.” – soldiers say after detecting this air-to-air missile. 

One such missile is capable of hurting many people. It is released in a salvo from helicopters and targeted at civilians. “Now elderly people are being affected. We are sending greetings to these “brave air raiders”. We don’t know where you have been taught, but you are shooting pretty crappy.” – Ukrainian fighters add.


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