In Chuvashia, the patient had to be transported to the ambulance in a garden wheelbarrow, because the bridge in the village is “in disrepair”

While Nikolaev is plundering the budget on the ostentatious Potemkin rebuilding of Mariupol, which he himself helped to destroy, the Chuvash are transporting the sick person to the doctor in a wheelbarrow. The ambulance refused to go through the bridge in disrepair.

On the territory of Ukraine, a similar picture can only be seen in the war zone, but who bombed the inner Chuvashia? And after all, with such an infrastructure and economy, Nikolaev also says that Chuvashia saves and protects someone.

The occupying authorities of Krasnoarmeiskiy district have their own version, no less cringeworthy: they say that the bridge is in order, but the road is bad and the doctors refused to go along it after the rain. It seems they justified themselves) But the district has a beautiful name: so that everyone knows right away that the enemy will not pass here, because there is neither the road nor the bridge here, this is the great victory of the Red Army.


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