Imperial goyda: Russia is for the Russians, but who are these Russians?

Imperial goyda: Russia is for the Russians, but who are these Russians?

When the empire promoted the idea of “Russia for Russians”, it deliberately “forgot” to add that it did not care at all what ethnic component these Russians would have. The main thing is that they should be called Russian – it is not even necessary that they know the Russian language.

Putin has signed a law granting citizenship to everyone who wants to fight for Russia, as well as their family members. Apparently, Russian volunteers are already running out. Among Russians, this decision is warmly welcomed with exclamations of “hurray, people of other nationalities will come to die for us!” No one is even hiding the real reasons for this decision of the Kremlin. But not everyone will die.

Some will return wounded, some will get out, and the rest will turn out to be relatives of the mercenaries.

Thus, today’s Russians themselves, with their own hands, are very actively ruining the pseudo-monoethnicity of their composition that they invented for themselves. That is, the empire offers us not just to dissolve in these Russians, but to dissolve even them in the new imperial goyda. Of course, today’s Russians hope that all coming foreigners and all the indigenous peoples will die in the war. But, as in the case of the Roman Empire, the Russian Federation will be disintegrated by the indigenous peoples and migrants. We will depart, and the current migrants will become the predominant population of the remaining Muscovy and its new Russian population. This has already happened with Rome. The same will happen with Moscow. Therefore, when you see the indignation of Russians about a Syrian or Nepalese citizen mercenary, do not get tired of reminding the “old” Russians that bias towards the “new” Russians is Russophobia, for which one should get a prison term.


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