If you go against Russia, we will bomb you, and if you do not go, we will bomb you too

If you go against Russia, we will bomb you, and if you do not go, we will bomb you too

The Imperials have repeatedly stated that if any colony attempts to break free from the power of the Kremlin, that colony will be completely bombed out. The border regions of the Russian Federation have not even tried to rebel, but have already been destroyed.

Russian pilots dropped more than 90 air bombs on the Belgorod region, Kursk region and newly occupied regions over the past four months, the Astra publication calculated.

Only on June 11 and 12, in Neklyudovo, Novostroevka, Tseplyaevo-second villages, in the areas of Batratskaya Dacha and Leninsky villages, five FABs were found.

Yesterday the 91st bomb was dropped on Shebekino. Two local residents were killed and 5 more were injured. 15 apartments collapsed at once. The Kremlin calls this an “unplanned ammunition dump.” They have attached radio-controlled wings to aerial bombs and drop them several tens of kilometers from the front line, hoping that the bomb will glide through the air and reach the target within 50-90 km.

The emergence of increasingly long-range weapons in Ukraine forces Russian pilots to stay further and further from the border, and therefore the bombs do not always reach the target or even fall like stones due to a malfunction of the “wings.” The front is not just expanding into the territory of the Russian Federation – Moscow is feverishly bombing its own colonies. There is nothing surprising or new here, because each colony has always been used not only to obtain resources and slaves, but also as a buffer / sanitary zone / testing ground for warfare – in order to keep the sacred territories of the metropolis intact and in order.


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