“I cannot understand, I have not realized yet”

“I cannot understand, I have not realized yet”

Ilnar Khatmullin, the mobilized artist of the Sibay Philharmonic, was killed in the war, but his mother never even tried not to let her son go to war – she did nothing to bring him back. She went to weave camouflage nets and collected money for his equipment, and when he was killed, she began to write rhymes.

She cannot realize that her son just went to seize the foreign country, and war always leads to death on both sides.

This is the main problem of all people who support Russia: in the information dumps it is shown that Russia is throwing caps at the enemy. For what reason? Who knows? The main thing is that it “throws”, and money is paid for it. The rest is of no interest to anyone.

Today, Mavliev, the occupying head of Ufa, went to Samara to take beautiful pictures with a grenade launcher, which was not even loaded, so that this dolt would not kill anyone. Then mothers and fathers look at such photographs and cannot understand in any way: why is everything in the war not the way they are shown?


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