Humped victims

Humped victims

The Black Bridge, the Russian opposition Telegram channel, spoke on the topic of Moscow colonial imperialism, “The Russian ethnic group is one of the most affected by the Moscow colonial empire, if not the most affected. And indeed it is so. Imperialism is a double-edged sword – it brings slavery and oppression not only to the oppressed nations, but also to the oppressing nation. Empires always destroy the ethnicity of the titular nation, replacing the living diversity of ethnicity with the state carrion of the “political nation” of the imperial type.

Let’s think about the above sentence together. Maybe we should “understand and forgive” the Russians who suffer from the “destruction of the ethnicity of the titular nation”?

And here we face the question of the practical realization of separating the “sheep from the goats.” How to find “good Russians” who understand the tragedy of their own and all of Russia’s situation and are ready, at least, to actively repent, and even better, join the struggle for the disintegration of the Empire right now?

The author got burnt more than once and lost friends because of his frivolously beautiful-hearted evaluation of the moral position of this or that Russian. Discussing another crime of the Russian state machine with “good Russians” (intellectuals, honest and humane people, highly decent in personal relations), he repeatedly fell under the cold shower of ordinary Russian chauvinism. Even quite recently, in a conversation on the occasion of Prigozhin`s putsch, a worthy Russian intellectual clutched her head in horror of the possible consequences of a split of the country and asked rhetorically, “What will happen?” and “What to do?”, she fell into a stupor from the answer, “To stop the war, withdraw troops from Ukraine, conclude a peace treaty, pay reparations.” Her true nature immediately came out, and the reaction was eloquent, “So this is a defeat! No, no, no way! No!”

That is, in the process of searching for Russians who are ready to change something in the country, one should be ready for the existence of such democrats with a double bottom. They seem to be “for” changes (elections, Navalnyi, freedom of speech, friendship with the West, etc.), but at the same time they wish that “the greatness” remains. These quasi-oppositionists are ready to accept “the greatness of Russian culture.” “The good Russians” are for everything good, but let only “the younger brothers” remain in the form of very obedient national republics. They will continue to make the indigenous peoples happy by assigning their candidates for key positions or looking for suitable puppet leaders from local compradors, and also  to control at the same time the state budgets of the republics. In general, the good Russians agree to be democrats, Europeans in a good sense, they agree to love everyone and recognize them as equals, but… But to control a little!

Is it possible to recognize “the good Russians” as a part of the population that suffered from the imperial press? Are the Russians really one of the peoples most affected by the Moscow colonial empire, if not the most affected?

Here the author is inclined to agree with the thesis put forward. The Russians were indeed subjected to the traumatic and deforming pressure of the imperial machine for a long time. This pressure was so deforming that the universal human principles in the social structure of the Russian person, in fact, were destroyed to the ground or mutilated to such an extent that they cannot be corrected. People say about this “The grave will fix humpbacked people!” Giving the fate of the peoples of Post-Russia into the hands of “humped democrats” is an experiment, according to the author, with dubious prospects.

Ukrainians test the sincerity of the Russian liberal opposition with the question “Whose is Crimea?”. Any attempts by “the good Russians who suffered from the Empire” to answer something like “human” or “Crimean”, or to begin to invent “honest referendums” with projects of joint governance are perceived by the citizens of Ukraine as “swinging their bottoms” and cause them, at best, contempt.

It would not be bad for representatives of small peoples to have such a question in reserve, which immediately brings alleged democrats to light. For example, the author would advise the Tatars to ask, “Do you agree to the sovereign right of Tatarstan’s external relations with foreign countries without Moscow’s interference?” The author is sure that the Bashkorts with the Erzyans and Mokshas, the Mari with the Udmurts and Chuvashs will also have such a question, immediately revealing people “swinging their bottoms“! The peoples of the Idel-Ural are mentioned here, but we are talking about all the other indigenous peoples of Russia. Everyone has a question that brings crafty cunning people to light.

The empire is still very strong today, it is learning to live in conditions of the long war: it is restructuring its economy on a war footing, looking for new allies, finding ways to smuggle weapons components, etc. But in parallel, there is an increase in the indoctrination of the country’s citizens, and it is yielding results: 68% of Russians want to see V. Putin as the next president, 73% believe that the country is moving in the right direction. And this is already after Prigogine`s rebellion, when the words about the senselessness of this war were uttered aloud!

Unfortunately, among these 73% are not only weak-willed Russian conformists-fatalists (“we are small people, we cannot change anything”, “the authorities know better”), but also “the good Russians”, who allow themselves to think that “the country should be saved, and only Putin should be changed, and somehow later, after the war, when the threat of losing the great Russian Empire disappears … oh, no, sorry, we said the wrong word … Great Russian culture!

For the good “humped” followers of Navalnyi, liberal democrats from the wing of the followers of Khodorkovskiy and others like them, there can be only one criterion for the truth of their anti-imperial orientation: active repentance in the form of active participation in the struggle against the Kremlin regime. With weapons in hand, or in the form of financial support, or organizational or methodological participation in military or protest actions, or assistance to participants in such actions. And a clear anti-colonial agenda for tomorrow on reorganization of the country.

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