Here’s a new turn!

Here’s a new turn!

Something must be done! The moment has come when you can’t sit at home, you have to take to the streets and show your protest against mobilization.

Judging by the field videos, such protests have not yet had much effect in the Russian regions, but it is still necessary to take to the streets, so that doubters can see that they are not alone in their doubts. That all this crap about war, pouring out of the TV box, does not call for justice and peace, but for something  entirely different. These protest actions in Russian cities will warn the military and politicians about the growing dissent among the people against the drive for war and the ordinary Russians’ well-grounded fear of losing their conscription aged male relatives.

If you dare not protest actively, it’s still worth mustering your strength and participating in  the demonstration, at least standing by and supporting more courageous protesters. The worst-case scenario is to just stay home and do nothing, putting off the choice, and diminishing the window of opportunity for the best solution.

Well, let’s say you haven’t mustered your courage to go out and achieve something. Then be ready and expect that you will have to leave your young wife and your little child, leave your parents and relatives, belongings and savings set aside to buy some necessary things for your family or a summer trip to the resort… You will have to leave all those behind as you will be sent into trenches, with a high probability of never coming back or coming back maimed.

After thinking carefully, you will be able to unambiguously frame a thought for yourself: you do not have to go to war! The Nazis in faraway Ukraine are mythical, but your wife and your child nearby are very real! They want to live in a normal, full family on jointly earned money, feeling the daily care of the head of the family. It is the most important responsibility in the world –  to be involved in raising children and creating comfort around them.

Remember also that Ukraine did not attack Russia. Ukraine has a succession of presidents and free democratic elections – anyone can take part in determining the country’s policy. Who does not agree – can go to live outside Ukraine, no one forces or is forced to stay in the country. Residents of Ukrainian territories occupied by Russian proxy troops had a choice of leaving or staying. But you don’t have that choice right now. You will take up arms to defend your right to be deprived of choice. Your choice is deprivation of rights!

But that’s absurd!

So it is foolish to go and fight for Donbass, and even more foolish is to die for an aggressor country where your freedom to influence its policies in any way has been taken away.

If you personally have no strength for any form of protest, then do not sit around waiting for a conscription notice from a military registration office, leave the country. It’s not the worst future. This is how you can protect your family and friends from the possible loss of the dearest – father, brother, son – in the dishonest war of aggression. If you can’t vote against the war with your hands at the polling station, then vote with your feet. Save your life for yourself and your family, for your relatives. Many Russians who went abroad are doing quite well in raising children and making a living – they live and do not complain. It will work for you too, try it. Take your step against the war. Do not become Zhdun (the Awaiter”),  you will regret your inactions later.

Think again about what you should do.

Emergence of something like the socialist-revolutionary party of the early twentieth century, which communicated and conveyed its demands to the tsarist government by shooting the tsar’s dignitaries and bombing high-ranking officials would be a better development in today’s Russia. Unfortunately,  we do not see anything of the kind today, our country is lulled by comfort and imagined prosperity. But it’s all coming to an end, the comfort will soon be gone, but don’t even think of complaining later – it’s your own fault. Admit it – you have waited and overslept the turn that should have been made right now to turn off the road that leads to the abyss.

Once again, I urge you to make this turn at least for the future of your family, not to destroy the fates of your wife, children, and parents. There is still time to turn in the right direction.

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