He fought the Chinese to die for Chinese interest

He fought the Chinese to die for Chinese interest

Vladimir Dmitriev, the former United Russia deputy, former head of Gostekhnadzor of Chuvashia and farmers’ rights activist who lived near Çĕrpӳ was known for criticizing the entry of Chinese investors into Chuvashia who wanted to build a plant in the  Khĕrlĕtu village.

He was so against turning Chuvashia into a colony of China, in addition to Moscow, that he has not been able to come up with anything better than to voluntarily go to war for both Moscow and Chinese interests – China also benefits from this war, since the Russian Federation becomes increasingly dependent on it and has long been in the status of a vassal. Now the resources of Chuvashia are reaching China much faster and cheaper than 10 years ago, before the war.

Vladimir was slightly wounded in the battle and got to the hospital, where he was killed by an arriving kamikaze drone. The widow was left with two children who would grow up and go to work at a Chinese factory – unless, of course, they would not be sent to another Moscow war or even to the same war, if it would drag on that long.

To paraphrase the well-known phrase of Kremlin propaganda, “For the interests of Beijing until the last United Russia member!”


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