Happy birthday, Izhkar?

Happy birthday, Izhkar?

The first settlements on the place of Izhkar existed still in the III – V centuries AD. 

But later they “suddenly” sort of “disappeared”.

With no reasons for that. If you open the Russian version of Wikipedia, it turns out that before the invaders came from Muscovy, there were only graves in the place of Izhkar and nothing more. Nothing is said about where the people who settled there so long ago disappeared. It’s just wasteland and graves. The same as with Mariupol and other cities of Donbass, at first the Muscovites destroyed them, killed their inhabitants, and then they would say that they came to the wasteland and the graves.

And only the Muscovites, having driven the population of nearby villages to the construction site in 1760, were able to force the Udmurts to build a settlement and an ironworks, which was kind of a city-forming enterprise. That is how they write, that the Udmurt peasants were exactly herded, and not hired for the construction.

Because the conquered can be even not hired. This is the property of the empire. History is silent about how many Udmurts died at this slave construction site, but if we judge the number of serfs who died at the construction of St. Petersburg, where not less than a hundred thousand people remained lying in the ground, then we can conclude that in this case, too, no one really sympathized with the serfs. So the imperials “bring civilization to the savage peoples in such a way.”

Then they say that without them “the Udmurts would have nothing” and that it is Moscow that “feeds” Udmurtia. With the blood of the Udmurts themselves.


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