Grimaces of patriotism

Grimaces of patriotism

In the Soviet Union, the popular science magazine Vokrug Sveta was published, in which there was a heading Сlorful World, which ridiculed the “grimaces of capitalism.” Articles about stupid bourgeois laws were often published there. For example, “There is a law in Wisconsin that prohibits opening umbrellas near horse-drawn carriages!” “Ha ha ha! Those silly Americans!”

In the United States, case law applies when a court decision becomes law for subsequent consideration of similar cases. Someone scared a horse (or coachman) by opening an umbrella, as a result of the excess, damage was caused, the court decision in this case became a precedent. Actually, nothing funny. Only an ignoramus will laugh here.

There was much more absurdity in the USSR. When, for example, they built a bridge in accordance with the general plan, and then it turned out that there was no river there, and there was no road, and no one needed it there. Don’t you believe? And I saw it myself. On it, someone who did not read Around the World magazine wrote in yard-long letters: “A monument to human stupidity!”.

The relay of life’s absurdity was successfully handed over by USSR to modern Russia.

Just remember the baby carriages at the parade, decorated as tanks, with babies in khakis and caps with stars. Or “patriotic twerk” in “patriotic costumes”. In some places they went even further – patriotic striptease also exists. When you show sites with such messages to non-believers, they start to excuse themselves, such as “excesses in the field”! Yes, this is your true face, cheers-patriots!

Or in Kazan, to the “request of the working people” to perpetuate the memory of the city defenders, who defended the capital of the Khanate during the aggression of Ivan the Terrible in the 16th century, they managed to find the right answer and go forward – they erected the “Monument to the soldiers who fell during the capture of Kazan”. The monument to the aggressor! These are not grimaces of Russian chauvinism here, here its bestial grin is visible to the naked eye!

Nowhere and never a lie and a break with reality are so visible as in a war. There are many examples of this in the world. Do you remember how during the Iraqi-Iranian war in the 80s. of the last century, the mullahs gave plastic keys to paradise to Iranian recruits before the battle? The entire modern war in Ukraine can also be an example of absurdity in politics. None of the Russian officials has yet been able to clearly explain its meaning. And the declared reasons and goals of hostilities, which have already changed several times, are designed for uncritical perception, simply speaking, this is propaganda and nothing more.

Take a look at what is happening today in the Russian Federation with the payment of military stuff needed by a mobilized person. The other day, a sane Ossetian published a list of things and objects of a Russian citizen mobilized for war. The list, along with the summons, was found by his neighbor in the mailbox. Here are more details: A sheet A-4 with a list of 29 items is called The minimum set of property required for departure on a military mission. Everything is here (except perhaps a machine gun and a tent) – from body armor and helmet to underpants, thread-needles, batteries and electrical tape. At your own expense! Ha ha ha! No, I’m wrong!

You can’t laugh here, you have to cry here. They send a man to slaughter for his own money! But how can anyone be criticized if this person does not oppose being sent to war?

This means that everything is organized correctly, which means that “you are on the right path, comrades!”.

In modern China, relatives of an executed criminal are forced to pay the costs of execution – to pay money for a cartridge, without which they do not give out the body. And in Belarus, President makes the relatives of dissidents pay for their maintenance in a pre-trial detention facility. So why not force a Russian leaving for the war to pay for his material support? Isn’t it possible? It is possible and even necessary! Tear three skins from him, squeeze out all the juices from him, let out all the blood on a foreign land, and then dispose of the body in any way. The commander will receive his allowance for a couple of months, and then to declare him “the missing” so as not to pay the “coffin money” to his family and relatives. Everything is correct and rational, all Russians will confirm that I am right. Everyone thinks the same way! Otherwise, would they agree to live like this, like a stupid dumb beast?!

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