Gradually, learning the Tatar language will be made paid

Gradually, learning the Tatar language will be made paid

That is, to be Tatars, you will have to not only give Moscow the resources of the republic and your fellow countrymen to its Janissary army, but also to pay with your own pocket for the Tatar children to know their native language. And when the level of Russification increases even more, the Tatar language will be forbidden. It may be unspoken, but it will be prohibited. It will become impossible to study it even for a fee: as now, for example, even a paid Belarusian, Romanian, Georgian or Ukrainian school cannot be opened in Russia. Even libraries in these languages are prohibited. Although there is no official ban, it is impossible to open them, since riot police will immediately arrive.

Why do we make this a comparison? Because the Russian imperials do not care what people they are – they hate you just because you do not call yourself Russian. Therefore, all of us, the peoples of the Idel-Ural, are no different from Ukrainians, Georgians, and Moldovans for them. Unless we are not yet at war with Moscow, and they have official conflicts.

It is clear to anyone that a planned killing of the Tatar language is going on, as well as other languages of the indigenous peoples. Proving something to the authorities is a difficult task; we should do something. But what if the Tatars gladly switch to Russian, and those who criticize such an approach are immediately called nationalists, almost Nazis? The Russians tried their best: some more generations yet – and neither language nor faith will remain, only the names of the national volunteer battalions at the front will be Tatar.

Now in Tatarstan 63% of children study Tatar as their native language, and 35% of children study Russian. The rest is accounted for other languages of the peoples of the Idel-Ural and Hebrew. However, it is Russian that is imposed on everyone as the “native” language, and therefore only 9% of children decided to take an exam in theTatar. Because they not only see the prospects of it, but also succumb to imperial propaganda that the native language is unnecessary and will not be useful anywhere.

Now imagine what kind of Russophobia the Russians would howl about if the study of the Russian language became not only optional, but also paid in Tatarstan ? They even use this argument as a justification for military aggression against other countries – they say, they should not allow Russian to be studied there only in paid schools. Although no one in any neighboring country is obliged to support the existence of a language whose speakers have an entire country, which is obliged to finance such schools. If it were done fairly, then in Tatarstan, at the expense of the budget, there should only be schools in Tatar, and all other schools would be financed by other republics and regions.

So, figuratively, Udmurtia would sponsor schools in Udmurt in Tatarstan, and Tatarstan would sponsor schools in Tatar in Udmurtia, etc. But the most important thing is that Moscow would be forced to sponsor Russian schools in the republics. And not at their expense. Then we would see how much their “protection of the Russian language” costs. Would they be ready to pay that much or would they agree to reduce the number of Russian schools? Most likely, the second one. Moreover, Moscow has almost no money of its own – its budget consists almost entirely of money from the republics and regions.


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