Glass beads for Bashkorts

Glass beads for Bashkorts

Bashkortostan, even by the standards of the entire Idel-Ural, is the richest country. There is literally everything here: from oil and gold to copper and rare earth metals.

Muscovy spent several centuries conquering these lands and once proud Bashkorts, and more than one thousand of its soldiers were killed for this purpose.

Today, the management of this colony is carried out not even with the help of brute force, but through very primitive manipulations.

The Bashkorts are told that Russia is fighting in Ukraine against the United States and the entire West. Therefore, it is necessary to rally around President Putin in order to prevent the insidious NATO allies from conquering Russia with its richest resources.

In response to this, the Bashkorts, with childish delight, enroll in various kinds of “Bashkir battalions” and go to conquer Ukraine, which refused to be the same Russian colony as Bashkortostan.

Who are these Bashkorts who are fighting to turn a foreign independent state into a Russian colony? Mostly these are residents of Bashkir villages who cannot earn money in their village / town. Yes that is right. These are the inhabitants of the lands where Moscow’s henchmen extract oil, gold, nickel, copper, zinc, silver, cadmium, selenium, tellurium, indium, gallium, germanium. However, there is absolutely no benefit to the Bashkir people from these infinite riches. The Bashkirs are the inhabitants of the colony, not its owners.

A vivid example of this is Podolsk village. Bashkir Copper LLC, with the support of the authorities of the republic (placed from Moscow to manage Bashkortostan), is going to develop a copper-zinc deposit and build an underground mine on the site where the village now is located. In order to enrich themselves on the lands of the Bashkorts, Bashmed decided to resettle the entire village, building a new village a few kilometers away. However, over time, having understood all the naivety of the autochthonous population, a cheaper option was found – to bribe part of the inhabitants by offering them compensation. The other part is to be evicted for free. And now the inhabitants of Podolsk are already racing to exchange their lands, full of infinite riches, for glass beads.

The Bashkorts did not even have the idea to demand shares from Bashkir Copper LLC, that is, their part from the sale of minerals that will be mined on their own land. No, there are no such thoughts. Remembering that the insidious NATO can capture Bashkortostan any moment, the Bashkorts are in a hurry to exchange copper deposits for glass beads, because the neighbors have already changed them, and I may not be in time.

Bashkorts are also urged not to listen to enemy voices (for example, Ruslan Gabbasov). For these voices call not to exchange jewels for glass beads and not to die for the empire. After all, “all these separatists dream of how to enslave the republic and plunder its wealth, and force the Bashkorts to die in the interests of others.”


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