“Furious” is flying to you

“Furious” is flying to you

Let the Bashkorts argue with the Tatars as much as they want, defending their cultural sovereignty and mental identity, but I always have in stock a deadly and impenetrable argument in favor of the Tatars. If we compare our two fools, who, by the will of political chance, found themselves at the pinnacle of power – their Khabirov and our Minnikhanov – then our fool still seems a little less of an idiot! This is confirmed by the situation with the recent hit of a Ukrainian drone at the Salavatov Oil Refinery, located 1,500 km from the front line.

Our respected old fool at least said something constructive when Alabuga and Neftekamsk were hit. At least  he somehow outlined reality in his sad summary, “We, therefore, must protect ourselves from missiles and UAVs, because no one needs us anymore!” This statement may also sound like this, “This is where I have led you, to the shaitan, my poor fellow countrymen!” Well, at least without pathos! For lack of intelligence, Rais, to assess the situation, used the simple old man’s wisdom of a village babai, who had been cheated by the capital’s authorities, whom he had served so faithfully and for a long time.

And Khabirov simply urged not to succumb to provocations! That is, he agreed that there is a threat and it is real, that there are no effective ways to confront it, and therefore, to spite the enemies, one can continue to indulge in fun in honor of the holiday of victory frenzy… Unconvincing somehow…

A normal person, awakened at night by a phone call from an unknown number, hearing that he has been sentenced to death and he is number two on the list, is unlikely to be reassured by the explanations from law enforcement officers that this is a provocation, that nothing terrible happened. And the Molotov cocktail thrown at the window of the “number one” from the notorious list is all nonsense, the fire was extinguished, and the residents were almost unharmed.

There is a question: how will the “number two” feel? Especially considering the precedent of Crocus. The all-powerful Russian police were going there for 50 minutes. And during this time, four Tajiks calmly and slowly killed a lot of people, set fire to the city hall, got into a car in which they drove to the concert palace, and calmly escaped. They were detained even later, 270 km from Moscow. These are miracles of promptness and efficiency! Well, focusing on such defenders of law and order and the security of the capital, one can easily simulate the actions of the Bashkortostan air defense forces.

Undoubtedly, they will instantly detect and immediately destroy enemy targets. What are you saying, dear reader? Do they not exist in general, are they not ready to repel, have they been transferred to duty for the protection of higher priority objects in “Moscow, the capital of our Motherland”? No, I will not believe it for anything! The Bashkorts have been paying taxes honestly and faithfully for many years now, straining every effort to ensure that the industrial and raw materials bins are filled to the very high level, but here… I think you are slandering! Our respected chief leader cannot deceive like this… It has never happened that he deceived and… here you are…

Here the damned “Khokhols” (Ukrainians) regularly break range records for their UAVs, they write that they have already caught up with Russian production, that their Furious drone is capable of flying more than 1,500 km, and the next step is scaling the success achieved, i.e. a multiple increase in the production of “products”.

Mr. Khabirov’s interview did not calm down, but rather excited the citizens of Bashkortostan. According to the leader, the answer to the “evil Ukronazis” should look like this: they hit us with drones, and we go out into the squares and demonstrate contempt for enemy intimidation – we dance and drive away thoughts of “retribution from heaven.” And we completely forget about Crocus, where people were killed, and the authorities waited in confusion for everything to somehow calm down by itself.

Let’s not talk now about Ukraine achieving its goals – undermining Russia’s financial and logistical capabilities to wage the war. There are not that many refineries, and if they are taken out of logistics, then who will process crude oil? What should they do with it? They should either increase the quantity sold for export, or shut down the wells. They should sell oil cheaply and buy gasoline and diesel fuel more expensive abroad! But, I repeat, that is not what we are talking about.

We are talking about the sad and absurd situation in the republics of the Volga region, who were hoping to sit behind the mountains – behind the valleys from the distant “Special Military Operation”. But what is in fact? They are being drawn into the vortex of the war more and quicker.

First the Tatars, and now the Bashkorts, become hostages in this war unnecessary for them. Please note – not criminal daredevils, not feeble-minded contract soldiers, broken by the struggle with loans and mortgages, not enraged national chauvinist patriots… No – ordinary conscientious hard workers. Tame ordinary people, in the good sense of the word.

Their national wealth, oil (production, delivery, refining, etc.), becomes their national curse! Their high-tech military plants are considered as legitimate military targets! Their highly educated industrial personnel (from the ordinary worker and technical engineer to senior managers), the elite of the national productive forces, educated at the expense of the nation, for taxes paid to the budget of the stepmother country, for the hard-earned savings of their parents – they become potential targets for Ukrainian kamikaze drones! This is the result we worked to! We walked and walked and finally arrived! Our wealth and savings have become our curse… Now wait for death from the sky and smile as our Republican leaders advise.

Residents of Idel-Ural, please think in your spare time, where are you going? Or even better, where did your leaders take you? Maybe it is time to ask them?

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