From nonpolitical citizens via whistleblowers to butchers

From nonpolitical citizens via whistleblowers to butchers

In Moscow, the school №1568 principal reported a sixth grader who criticized the Russian flag at school and lessons called “The conversations about important things” to the police.

A similar case was not the first one, but more often teachers peach on students and vice versa, students peach on teachers. After all, the system learns people to rat out everybody.

The authority of school principals and teachers was expanded recently, now they could fill out draft notices to the military commissariat to the students and their parents.

During all the years under the rule of Putler, the whole educational system was organizing false pro-government meetings and rigging elections. And for this diligent work, the pedagogues were rewarded by the expanded authority of the regime. And just believe that they will try hard not to lose it.

Now, when educators have got their chance to compete with a “zombie-maker” and all the main education of little zombies is concentrated in their hands, they will not miss the chance and are bringing up children in the way to get more rewards from the imperial regime. For example, permission to shoot the “enemies of the people” among the students and their parents on its own by the decision of the three of the educational board.

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