Felix Dzerzhinsky from Kazan will not rise again for the second time

Felix Dzerzhinsky from Kazan will not rise again for the second time

The parents of this guy from Tatarstan gave him a common name – Aidar. But Aidar’s mental health was violated back in childhood, and then, under the influence of imperial and communist propaganda, he grew up to be a total psychopath. Having reached the age of majority, Aidar changed his details and became Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky, born in 1989. In honor of one of the leaders of the Bolshevik executioners during the Great Terror carried out by the Soviet regime.

The real Dzerzhinsky was born and raised not far from Minsk. His certificate shows that Felix knew the “Law of God” well and had very little knowledge of Russian language. And this is not surprising – after all, he originated from a Polish family, from Catholics. However, Felix betrayed his family and became a security officer, persecuting both religion and the Polish people. Józef Pilsudski (Prime Minister of Poland) studied at the same school, but two grades older. Pilsudski spoke of Dzerzhinsky as an extremely ordinary person without any abilities. However, this was a mistaken opinion. Felix turned out to be extremely capable of meanness, murder, torture and intimidation. That is why he became a security officer.

It was precisely this character that the new Dzerzhinsky made his idol. Old Dzerzhinsky distinguished himself quite a lot while leading the Red Terror in Ukraine, and died a natural death. The new one wanted this also – he wanted to repeat the deeds of his idol. No luck, no fortune. In May 2024, another zinc coffin went to Tatarstan – this time Felix will rest in it forever.


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