Everything is for sale!

A new propaganda video on the topic of “Special Military Operation” appeared in Russian Telegram channels: “A Sakha soldier escaped from Ukrainian captivity”…

However, upon attentive watching the video, viewers begin to have reasonable doubts about its truthfulness (as one of the heroes of “Ivan Vasilyevich” used to say, “Oh, hackwork, oh, it does not look similar!”), and with a detailed analysis of what they saw, the conviction becomes stronger – this is yet another low-grade Russian fake.

There is little that surprises me in this story: well, a Yakut criminal went to the war, having enlisted “voluntarily-compulsorily” in Wagner group… As they say, every family has its black sheep! Well, he fought there, “honestly and bravely” killing innocent Ukrainians… Well, he got into trouble by stealing from his own fellow soldiers… Well, that can happen to anyone! Our usual Russian blockhead, Sakha-mankurt, raised on Putin-imperial propaganda and the hungry educational and ethical rations of his native imperial backwoods. How few such “heroes” there are in the vastness of the Russian Federation? Well, he was punished by his commanders, and why should they forgive the thief? They were teaching him as best they could in front-line conditions, according to the criminal front-line concepts: a pit, handcuffs, a baton to the head, leaving him in the cold… Well, you know about other methods, a lot has already been written about this… it is good that  they did not give him to Kadyrov’s men so that they could rape him!

But treat the guy with understanding! After all, Putin himself learned a lesson from Leningrad. At least he grew up in a back alley. Only, unlike our poor Yakut fellow, he managed to get an education and work his way up, thanks to the authority criminals who were nearby and suggested to him the right path for building the career. But they have the same morality, identical – you die today, and I die tomorrow; do not hope for anything, do not trust anyone, do not be afraid of anything! Our Leader’s simple formula worked one hundred percent! His career was a success, he got everything he was afraid even to dream of. He grabbed everything, he placed everyone where it was needed, he killed whoever it was needed, everything in all directions was under complete control, there were reliable people everywhere, the whole country was on their knees! The media sings hosannas and trumpets triumph!

But I am not talking about this…

I am not talking about the greatest disgust that is caused by the fact how Russian propaganda quickly processed this whole vile story in the Skabeeva spirit and presented it in a mirrored form, “The story of a poor Yakut soldier who suffered in Ukrop war prison and managed to escape from the bloody clutches of the Ukrofazists.”

How many such Russian propaganda stagings and mini-performances we have  seen on YouTube and Telegram channels… Falsified interviews of “refugees” from close to front-line regions controlled by Ukraine, “voluntary statements” of Ukrainian war prisoners about the cruelty of commanders in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the pointlessness of resistance… Entire thematic performances, like “Hanging of a pregnant woman by Ukrofashists”, etc.

I suppose that the authors of the propaganda about the Sakha hero treat him even worse than you and I. Surely, for them he is just… not even an “inanimate object”, but some kind of dirt (and maybe sh.t on the shoe) that needs to be gotten rid of as quickly as possible. And if it seems one can gain some benefit for himself, then he should even more so use this chance!

The “sincere sympathy” of the authors of the video for the Sakha fugitive echoes another video sketch found in Telegram… There, in the crowd of people of “Slavic nationality” going to the front, there is a brave Kadyrov warrior… On camera, he hugs one, then the second, then the third person… Everything looks very touching: the “Ivans” hug their Chechen brother with respect, and pose flattered. But the Chechen, hugging, says to the camera in his own language: this one will be killed, and this one will be killed, and this one will be killed also! Such a revealing and touching sincerity of Russian propaganda.

The essence of Russian aggression against the independent state is clearly immoral and disgusting, and the attempt to give this aggression the appearance of a patriotic impulse to defend the homeland completely falls under the Goebbels` postulates of ideological processing of the population, perfectly assimilated by the Russian media, “Give me the media – and I will make a herd of pigs out of any nation” and “A lie repeated a thousand times is perceived as the truth” – imperial Russian propaganda has memorized these formulas a long time ago and diligently uses them every day.

How could one not pick up and process such a tempting picture: a simple Russian soldier, an envoy of the Sakha people to the liberation war against the neo-Nazi survivors in Ukraine, traces of torture on the body – hands swollen from Ukrainian handcuffs, bruises and abrasions on the head and face, hoarse voice due to endured suffering… Fellow soldiers outraged by the cruelty, helping the poor fellow to free himself from the iron bracelets put on by the Nazis… If you remove the words spoken by the soldier, then here is an almost finished propaganda video, all you have to do is come up with and add a suitable sound sync – and voila! With a slight movement of the sound engineer’s hand, the Yakut mankurt turns into a heroic Russian patriot!

Propaganda in Russia accompanies an average person from the maternity diaper to the funeral shroud, from kindergarten to the ceremonial burial in the military sector of the local cemetery, and it is almost impossible to hide from it. It fools and shapes the specified “raw material product” into a “pinocchio in uniform” model ordered by the authorities, a mankurt soldier, ready to do anything for the approval of his superiors. And our Sakha deserter is not yet the worst example of such propaganda!


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