“Every Russian liberal is sure to be an emperor to their bones”: Arkadii Babchenko speaks on Russia’s attitude towards the indigenous peoples and ideas of the borders.

“Every Russian liberal is sure to be an emperor to their bones”: Arkadii Babchenko speaks on Russia’s attitude towards the indigenous peoples and ideas of the borders.

What do you consider to be the borders of the Motherlanad? The issue is not so simple, taking into consideration the fact that in the RF, they impose the imperial view of motherland, and it is acceptable if the borders of the empire are revised from time to time. A lot of Russians recklessly repeat propaganda slogans, not giving a thought that those to be on charge will be their children, if not children, grandchildren for sure. The famous Russian journalist Arkadii Babchenko, who left for a safe place a lon time ago, wrote a piece how Russian liberal treated the other peoples, namely the indigenous peoples in the RF. Consequently, the question arises if it is worth dealing with such people. Here is his story, shortened to some degree.

There a Russian liberal composed a poem. In is being posted on the entire Russian newsfeed today. A sea of tears, a heap of admiration. It runs about leaving the Motherland, emigration, and other pain of the Russian liberal caused by the farewell to the birches.

It seems to be strange but I have never read about the pain of the Ukrainian children on the evacuation trains in any poetry by Russian liberals. Not a single one! You are right, though – there is nothing worth writing about. What the hell you are speaking about? Can it be named “tragedy”? No way. The tragedy is when a Russian liberal leaves Jean-Jacques in Sadove for the city of Paris is a “true” tragedy.

And it goes without saying, about grandpas, the gunners.

His grandpa was a gunner 

And a heroic submariner

To the lands and waters of the neaighbouring countries

They did not burst in fore and smoke

They defended their own ocean

of their beautiful wives and their home places.

Well, sure a Russian liberal-immigrant can’t help mentioning Grandpas with crutches. They understood nothing. Not a jot. Neither in 100 days of the war, nor eight war years, nor 300 years of war. Instead, they are still obssessed with their grandpas. 

One may ask what your Grandpa defended, I am wondering? What particular “your” ocean and home places? Bessarabi in the fortieth? Bukovina? Galicia in thirty-nine? Poland accompanied by Hitler?

Oh, what a trigger!  How they burst howling! Just look up in the comments, read them!

Tightly, comp[letely, absolutely unteachable.

One seems to feel like admitting that the country is to blame in order not to be given the mother of all beatdowns.On the other hand, it is quite temting to march with the grandpa the warrior across Galicia and tell about his exploits defending “native” land. 

And the f*ing “northern seas”? How long ago did those became “native areas” to you? How long ago did Moscovia come to possess “native” oceans? And where are the Kareliians and the Saami , who come from those “northern seas”, where your father and father-in-law march up and down? And the Veps, for example? Where are all those people who seemed to be living in all those “native” territories “of yours”, with “beautiful wives” of the northern seas?

Our ocean is in our harbour. Alright hell with them, the Vepsians. Izhora with the glorious city of Petersburg< how long ago did it bacome your land? It seems to be about 200 years, doesn’t it? There is nothing more native.

Well, also about Pskov and the Urals. From the bottom of the heart, it is the “most native Russian land”. Neither more, nor less. The Urals. Just ask the Parmus, the Komis, The Vohuls and Bashlirs, and all sorts of Samoieds. One will hardly ever find any mentioning of them, to say nothing of their language or culture.

Oh, what ado arose! Poets. Writers. Creative intellectuals. Grandfaaaathers got offended!!!

Every. Every Russian liberal. Always. to the very bones of theirs. Emperor. Always.

And they together with putin do want the same.

Of course, they do not like his methods. But they definately support this purpose. Great and large Russia. The range from “native northern seas” to the “dear Far East” along with the sentries of the Motherland.

Here is another song that has made me get stuck since my childhood. For the reason my Grandpa fought at the battle of Khalkhin Gol. I have known it since I was three years old, for as long as I can remember. That point was the Holy of Holies for our family.

Grandpa fought as a tank crew member. At Khalkhin Gol. The song about the crew of a combat tank vehicle was really considered the family anthem.

That logic issue was a hard nut for the child’s brain to crack: provided the grandpa came from Ukraine, fought at Khalkhin Col, we live in Moscow, why is that land “native” for us?

It seems to be quite simple and clear. Nole a few words should be said to the point. “Yes, our granfathers were absolutely the same as our children are. The same invaders. Under the banner of the tyrant.On a foreign land. In Galicia, everything was the same. Yes, it is the truth. Yes, it is so. Russia has always been, is and will be an empire by nature. It does not matter what the political system is established. Yes, we have eventuallu figured it out. And this where the healing of us should begin. With the understanding and accepting this fact. And the fact is that all our “nativer” lands have been conquered from other peoples. Those lands are soaked in their peoples’ blood. Blooded so heavily that Krasnaia Poliana (the Red Lawn), where the Circassian tribe used to live, from whom not only their language and culture, but even the name remained, came to be called Krasnaia (Red, Scarlet). It means the Empire is to cease to exist. Peoples conquered by our grandfathers are to get free. Amd we as Russian liberals are aware of that. And we must make every effort to do so.”

And that’s it. Just say. Do not mount the scaffold. Do not get imprisoned for their grandfathers.

Moreover, even indemnities are not demanded to be paid by anyone, anymore. Just confess it! 

Alas. Vainly f*cking trying!!!


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