Even national holidays were taken away from the Bashkorts

The audience freaked out a little, but swallowed and wiped themselves off instead of burning the stage along with the performer.

How far can the indulgence of national humiliation on the part of the Muscovites go?

History knows cases when entire nations exterminated themselves and their children so as not to live in slavery and occupation. Those nations had neither the strength to fight, nor the resources for this, so they took such drastic measures, seeing no other way out, but not intending to indulge the invaders.

Bashkorts have resources. Bashkorts are numerous. Bashkorts know how to unite with each other. But so far, real Bashkorts are almost invisible and unheard of. One can hear and see how, even at public holidays, the mankurts exalt the Muscovites and present themselves as slaves.

What does this crazy event remind you of? It is as if the Indians worship Columbus. Only the Indians at first perceived white people as gods, and therefore they worshiped. Then everyone understood and began armed resistance. Do these mummers from the video also perceive the Muscovites as gods?

People write to us, “11.06. On Sabantuy in Sharan village in the west of Bashkortostan, the extremist song Sky of the Slavs is sounding: “We are sharpened by the seed of the Horde, we are oppressed by the yoke of basurmans, but the sky of the Slavs boils in our veins. And from the Chudsky shores to the icy Kolyma – all this is our Earth! All this is We!”

The author of the song is a former drug addict, parasite, alcoholic and Orthodox loafer Konstantin Kinchev.

I was outraged by the very fact of the sound of this song on Milli Bayram, I do not know if there was anyone else, primitive people sat listening. A little more – and I was ready to turn the director’s control. People from the administration were wearing “we do not leave our people” badges, campaigning for contract service, Russian flags and pro-Russian songs were everywhere.”


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