Erzyans convene a national convention

Erzyans convene a national convention


Being aware of the new challenges that our people faced, namely:

the involvement of Moscow in another war of conquest,

the creation by the Russian authorities of clones of the national representative bodies of the Erzya people,

a ban on the use of national symbols, increased repression and Russification both in Erzyan Mastor and in places of compact Erzya residence; realizing the impossibility of convening the Promx in the Motherland, and also taking into account the facts of pressure on the Erzya activists by the FSB and the police that took place at the last Rasken Ozks;

Taking into account the emergence of the Erzya diaspora both outside the Erzyan Mastor and outside the Russian Federation as a whole, the Erzya national movement represented by Inyazor and Atyan Ezem announces the following:

  1. On September 29 – October 1, 2022, the Erzya National Congress will be held in Estonia.
  2. Questions about the goals and objectives of the national movement will be discussed at the Congress, specific mechanisms for solving the set tasks will be proposed for consideration and approval by the delegates, and a political assessment will be given to the actions of the Russian leadership both in relation to the special military operation on the territory of Ukraine and in relation to national policy pursued by Moscow within the Russian Federation.
  3. Both – Erzyans from the territories of the Russian Federation and representatives of the Erzya diasporas, in particular political emigrants of the new wave, will be able to take part in the congress. The doors of the congress are open to anyone and everyone who publicly recognizes himself as an Erzya.
  4. Traveling and travel expenses are to be taken care of by the delegates themselves. The organizers provide food and accommodation for delegates during the Congress. The delegate fee is 20 euros. To register for the Congress, you must fill out an application form.

Organising Committee:
Vitaly Romashkin, head
Syres Bolyaen
Oliver Loode
Timon Vera

For organizational issues, contact:


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