Environmental parasites

Environmental parasites

This is how pathetically they welcome at the COP 28 climate summit in Dubai the organizer of one of the most significant environmental disasters in Europe, Africa and the Middle East (due to wars), as well as the leader of the entire system of barbaric mining and merciless deforestation throughout the Russian Federation, in the occupied parts of Ukraine and in African countries.

In addition, he constantly threatens to destroy the world in a nuclear flame and increases the number of nuclear warheads, and also encourages conflicts between countries in all parts of the planet.

It is worth remembering that the UAE is a Muslim country. But money does not smell. And this is how it welcomes the leader of the state that does not even hide the fact that it mistreats and oppresses Muslims in every possible way, considering them the third-rate people. The state that DELIBERATELY bombed mosques in Ukraine, the state that is trying to use Muslims as cannon fodder, the state that, by plane in the cold, delivers refugees from warring Islamic countries to the border of Belarus and Poland and drives them so that these people had no other option, except to break through the armed border guards.

The state that does not give a damn about climate change and speaks out that this is all bullshit – after all, this “bullshit” does not allow the king to get even greater super-profits and even greater power. The state that forcibly evicts the entire Podolsk town because it has found resources for itself there. The state where environmental activism is equated to extremism, although the state lives off terrorism. The state where people can be tortured, imprisoned or killed for environmental protest.

Amidst this visit, gas prices immediately jumped by 9.9% – in the Russian Federation, an oil and gas superpower, which is generally obliged to provide these resources to its population for free. Others do just that, selling only to foreigners and giving for free to their own people.

In addition, many resources are mined, including on our land – in the national republics. That is, we should be given free of charge not only the minerals mined from us, but in addition we should also receive a percentage of OUR resources sold by Moscow. But no, we will only get an increase in prices. Because we are under occupation, and the occupier robs us twice, selling us what is already OURS.


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