Eco-protests are not enough

Eco-protests are not enough

Geological development will be carried out in Gadelbaevo. The topic of independence never came up at all the eco-protests. People are afraid. But not a single eco-protest will help in the country without rights. So while there is no independence, we will all just waste energy and resources on endless protests, and they will fine and imprison activists until the activists run out.

Have you seen the Avatar movie, right? “They will keep coming and coming like endless rain if we do not fight them back here and now.”

This phrase was not born out of nothing, it was borrowed from one of the leaders of the Indian tribes opposing the alien colonists.

You can continue to be afraid, or you can join us – and together we will create the beginnings of national armies from separate groups of partisans, with whom we will no longer have to fawningly choose words in front of the occupier and will not have to ask strangers for permission to hold a national gathering about the fate of our own land.


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