Don’t let yourself become complicit in genocide!

Don’t let yourself become complicit in genocide!

In the first days of April, the world shuddered with horror and anger, seeing the terrible footage of the consequences of the Russian occupation. Quiet resort towns near Kyiv were held hostage by an army of marauders and maniacs for practically a month. Arriving on a foreign land, Putin’s soldiers immediately began to exterminate the civilian population.

People were shot both in houses and just on the streets. Some were tied up, tortured, raped. Covering their tracks, the bodies were covered with sand in mass graves, and they also tried to burn them. Neither women, nor the elderly, nor small children were spared. The number of victims is already in the hundreds, although far from all Ukrainians have been found and identified.

Irpin, Gostomel, Motyzhin survived a real hell before they were liberated by Ukrainian soldiers. And the small town of Bucha became a symbol of a new genocide. Genocide in these circumstances is not a metaphor. It is the most severe criminal offense without a statute of limitations.

Criminalists have already begun an investigation to name, find and punish all those responsible. Retribution will be inevitable. Despite the traditional Russian lies, the organizers of the tragedy are well known. Photographs, videos, satellite images, and most importantly, testimonies of survivors are quite enough to recreate a picture of the crimes of the Russian military.

Putin’s escapade gives the indigenous peoples of the Russian Federation a chance for liberation. The evil empire has challenged the whole world and will be defeated. But the upcoming celebration of freedom and independence may be overshadowed by the terrible accusations.

By taking part in Russian atrocities in Ukraine, indigenous military personnel are compromising their compatriots before the world community. The personnel of the criminal units of the Russian army will be made public. And there everyone will see the names of Buryats and Chechens, Tatars and Kalmyks, Yakuts and Udmurts. Moreover, there is no doubt that the Russians, pressed against the wall, in their last excuse, will begin to blame all the sins on their foreign colleagues. After all, even now they consider us barbarians and representatives of lower races.

Peoples of the Empire! Look closely at these terrible shots. These deaths will never be forgiven by either Ukrainians or the citizens of the countries of the free world. The criminals will be damned for centuries along with their relatives and descendants.

No to the aggression, no to the criminal war! Soldiers, kill Russian commanders, not peaceful Ukrainians. Surrender, testify to the truth about Putin’s army of marauders and maniacs. Save the honor and dignity of your family. So you will return to your homeland as heroes, not executioners. Don’t let a dying empire stain itself with the blood of innocents for the last time.

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