“Disintegration of the empire is as inevitable as the boiling of water at 100 degrees Celsius.”

“Disintegration of the empire is as inevitable as the boiling of water at 100 degrees Celsius.”

The independent outlet Kolokol XXI believes that the Caucasus will be the first in line for its freedom deserved by centuries of humiliation and genocide.

It is not surprising at all that proud Muslim women  are braver and more courageous today than “spiritual” russians who can only wave a handkerchief after a departing living corpse or complain about unfair mobilization in comments to Simonyan.

We believe and know that the incredible power of true Islam, the national spirit and self-consciousness, the unhealed, unavenged pain for all the grief that russia has caused to peoples of the Caucasus over the preceding centuries, will splash out today with noble and furious rage on the heads of satraps and colonizers who reign over foreign lands not by right but by their own native, chauvinistic meanness and greed for everything that does not belong to them.

You are not one people. Neither with Ukrainians, nor with Chechens, nor with Buryats, nor with Kumyks, nor with Avars, nor with Tatars, nor with Lezgins, nor with Georgians, nor with Kazakhs, nor with Belarusians, nor with Tajiks, nor with Uzbeks, nor with Armenians, nor with Azerbaijanis, nor with hundreds of others.

You are different people. You are the people who have been drinking and eating their flesh for centuries. Enslaving, denationalizing, robbing, humiliating, destroying.

You are the people who are not only indifferent to the pain of others, but who give their children to the slaughter silently. And often not silently. And often your obedience is tinged with notes of joyful squeals and delight that you are unconditionally doing the will of your slave masters, giving your lives, the lives of your children and relatives for their pleasure, for their insane ideas, for their palaces and sick imperial fantasies.

No one on this planet will get along with you unless you start respecting yourself.

And for you to start respecting yourself, what needs to happen?

You have to be taught that.

The rest of you have to be taught. Those left over after  the great purge that your beloved king arranged for you.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the freedom-loving people of the Caucasus!

The end of imperial russia is no longer coming.

It has come.


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