Civil “extremism” as a danger to a terrorist state

Civil “extremism” as a danger to a terrorist state

Just the other day there was news that a man, convicted of illegal possession of weapons and attempted robbery, had his sentence reduced to a suspended sentence allegedly only because there were mitigating circumstances – the cat was left at home alone without a breadwinner. This became possible only because the defendant is a stubborn supporter of the Russian regime, and even has money. Nobody cares how many fellow citizens he kills, because he is loyal to the regime.

Thus, deputies-thieves get sentences “for show” (remember, the Supreme Court of Bashkortostan commuted the sentences of ministers Boris Belyaev and Ramzil Kucharbaev), and Nazi propagandists who incite hatred towards entire nations get maximum public reprimands and approval behind the scenes.

The system will not touch such people for actions that are not directly aimed at it.

Whereas any member of the national liberation movements is being really hunted with reprisals. Fail Alsynov and Ramilya Saitova, who were arrested, and Ilnar Irnazarov, who was dragged through the courts, all of them suffered only for defending Bashkortostan from the tyranny of Muscovy. Absolutely similar raids are now going on in all national republics. Because no matter what our nationality is and how we feel about Moscow, we are all enemies for it, because we do not consider ourselves Russians, which threatens the integrity of the under-empire.

Muscovites do not leave the families of activists without paying attention either.

First, the gauleiter of Chechnya tried out methods of reprisal against the families of his enemies, and now his trained and experienced officials are sent to other republics to pass on their experience of intimidating peoples. This is how Rustam Fararetdinov, the step-brother of Ruslan Gabbasov, Bashkort activist and political emigrant, was arrested. The orcs demand that Gabbasov exchange himself for his brother. We do not know how Ruslan will act, but if one indulges the terrorists, this will encourage them to use the same tactics in the future.

Mass raids, blocking of media resources, arrests on false charges, dissemination of all sorts of lies in the media and denigration of activists – all this is used because the totalitarian system is vulnerable, and we are hitting exactly where it is needed to put an end to it. Its end will mean not only the release of all hostages of the regime – it will be the complete liberation of our nations from any dictate of the Russian imperials.

Ruscists, remember: Nicolae Ceausescu’s entourage also hoped that even in the event of an uprising they would simply run away. But they failed, and the leader was even shot. So you, too, think about your families – after all, they will be tried along with you, and not at all on trumped-up charges, but for their complicity in wasting the money you earned from reprisals against public activists, stealing natural resources from the people and facilitating any crimes of Moscow.


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