Chuvash Hope of Buryatia

Chuvash Hope of Buryatia

Nadezhda Nizovkina is a Chuvash who fights for Buryatia. She has been living in Buryatia all her conscious life and is engaged in both writing and activist, as well as human rights activities.

Nadezhda is a dissident who has been repeatedly arrested, fined, and even subjected to punitive psychiatric methods for her public activities.

Initially, she took part in the creation of the “anti-Navalnyi committee”, but over time she became more loyal and began to support Navalnyi’s activities, although Navalnyi himself would hardly appreciated Nizovkina’s views.

The fact is that Nadezhda stands for the division of Russia and for freedom for the peoples conquered by the Kremlin.

From the very beginning of the war in 2014, Nadezhda took the side of Ukraine, as the side of truth and anti-colonial resistance.

Nizovkina is trying to act as a human rights activist FOR EVERYONE who is oppressed by the Russian state. However, sometimes her adherence to principles is surprising, because Nadezhda has repeatedly acted as a human rights activist even for those who would consider her an “enemy of the people” and would be quite happy about her imprisonment or her death. Because in addition to defending the rights of representatives of the national liberation movement of Buryatia, Nizovkina also acted as a defender of the families of those who took part in the war on the side of the Kremlin, when Kremlin authorities somehow violated the rights of these people.

That is, it doesn’t even matter to her that these people are against her ideas – the rule of law should be for everyone, even for those who fight for the violation of human rights in principle.

Such is the philosophy of Nadezhda Nizovkina. 

In 2023, during a broadcast on the Buryat media, Nizovkina said that Buryatia should secede from the Russian Federation and become a free independent state.


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