Children of Russian soldiers were sent to a free military training lesson

The training took place in Cheboksary at the base of the Zvezda (Star) aviation club. The instructors conducted demonstration shooting exercises and talked about the operation of UAVs, tactical medicine and field communications.

Children of war are taught to die as their fathers died – what could be more vile? But this is the dream of any Russian regime supporter. Surely their fathers not only guessed about this development of events, but were even proud that it would happen – the children were able to see Putin’s stable at the expense of their death. Perhaps the children can repeat this for grandchildren. Let the children be shown how to correctly indicate to enemy drones where a wounded comrade lies.

In parallel with the education of children, an endless stream of 3-month courses for adults are held in the same place. A conveyor of death, to which people go voluntarily and singing. Like a bird going to a snake. The only difference is that it does this out of fear, and they go for money. And their children will be sent for free.


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