Check your money!

Check your money!

Money is an intimate matter. Asking a man about his salary is like asking if his wife was a virgin at the time of the wedding. But we’re talking about other people’s money, and if we count our people’s money? Check, so to speak, the calculation – well, for example, military expenditures. How much does the war cost? For the ordinary Russian citizen? If to abandon the specifics of the presentation of this topic by economic experts and try to guess at the level of grandmothers on the bench at the entrance (exclusively for the comprehension of the topic to the grandmothers themselves)? That’s how many?

But look, the price of 1 liter of diesel fuel in Kazan is 55 rubles. One refueling tank T-72 is 55 rubles, multiplied by 1200 liters + 400 liters (capacity of the main + additional tanks), thus 88 000 rubles. Repeat, 1st tank tank. The Russian Federation started the war in Ukraine, having about 3,000 tanks, you can roughly calculate how much it costs to refuel such a number of tanks as a whole: 88,000 x 3,000 is 264,000,000 rubles. Now imagine the level of expenses for one-time refueling of an aircraft (215 thousand rubles for MIG 29) and a helicopter (117 thousand rubles for KA 52). And the war has been going on for almost a year, and refuelings are produced although not daily, but quite often. I think 50 gas stations a year for the unit of equipment listed here will be a number close to the real one. Then you can estimate the cost of producing one T-72 tank (US$3-4 million), one MiG 29 aircraft (US$25 million), and one KA 52 Alligator helicopter (US$16 million). The cost of launching one S-300 missile is estimated at 15-20 thousand US dollars, the launch of one Caliber missile is estimated at 300-350 thousand US dollars, and the purchase of a “cheap” Iranian kamikaze drone, shamelessly hiding under the Russian pseudonym “Geran-2”, costs the Russian Armed Forces of 5-10 thousand US dollars.

Now look at the figures from another item of expenditure of the Russian Federation budget. The cost of building a modular FAPA for rural areas is 50-55 thousand US dollars, a kindergarten – from 4 to 7 million US dollars, a school – 20 million US dollars.

Any slightly literate person can guess for himself the ratio: missiles (planes, tanks) to FAPs (kindergartens and schools). Very simply calculate: 2 tanks = 1 kindergarten; one MIG 29 = school; 2 “cheap” drones sent by the Persian ayatollahs, pulled on a modular FAP in a godforsaken village, from where to get to the nearest doctor all day with two transfers.

Now all the billions accumulated by the Russian Federation during the “fat years” (2005-2013) are being poured into the pipe. All wealth does not go to the development of the people and the country, but to its destruction in various ways. Do you remember how 10-15 years ago the Russian media built rainbow futuristic plans on the verge of science fiction? Russia’s Silicon Valleys, advanced development territories, Future Generations Foundations, Welfare Foundations, and other projects have turned out to be, first, pure Manila, but this is still half a misery, so in addition – and this is second – the economic movement shows a negative trend. 

While there is still enough money, the reserves of “fat” are still under the skin. But there’s no prospect! Disappeared like the dreams of a woman married to a drunkard.

In the event of victory in the Russian-Ukrainian war, Russia is expected to live according to the economic model of the Soviet Union with a relatively large amount of money, but with commodity hunger, poor quality of products and services in all areas of economy and life as a consequence of economic, scientific and technological sanctions. In case of loss – the same sanctions, the payment of reparations (already now pre-calculated by independent experts in trillions of US dollars) and… And the poverty of the population!

What now? Now Putin declares: the main thing is to preserve Russia! And what is done in the first place? I tried to guess it didn’t work out. The press told me. To save Russia, a secret railway is being built for one passenger – the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin, to his secret hiding places hidden in the thick of the earth from human eyes. And how did you want? The Duma clearly said: “There is Putin – there is Russia!” Oh, God forbid, there is no Putin? That’s it! Therefore, in the opinion of our State Duma, it is necessary to save Putin, and therefore – Russia!

I have a cramped question on my tongue: “To save Russia, to then prepare for a new war again? Go to shaitan with your Russia!”

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