British Russophobes won’t get anything from Russia’s virtual wealth

Rashists filmed another cringe, as if the British forced a hamster to spin a dynamo to generate electricity, and then ate it so as not to die of hunger – and that all is “because of Russophobia”.

The only thing that the propagandists did not explain to the viewer is why even the British, “poor” without Russia, live in better conditions than the ordinary population of the Russian Federation, and not in the garbage heap.

And the absence of windows is strange in the presence of all the furniture that is not sold even for food or sawn for firewood. What happened to the windows? Is this a hint that the orcs want to bomb Britain and no one will have windows?

And after all, the ordinary Russian Vanka will watch all this and happily rub his hands, while his house is falling down, he does not have work, he does not have teeth to eat a hamster, and he does not have even a hamster.


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