Blood and faith

 Apparently, unsanctioned rallies are still sometimes sanctioned! Otherwise, how would “white” Russians dare to gather and protest against the construction of a “Busurman” mosque in their city? Is a mosque allowed in a Russian city?! Never! Not allowed! We will breast! We will all go out to stop construction machinery! No way! Asians and other Muslims must know their place! And if they resist, then we will save them all from the darkness of the Muslim faith, we will save them by force, as we are saving Ukrainians from Nazism!

I’m trying to understand… Why can’t a mosque be built in a country where a huge number of Muslims live? Can you explain it to me simply and briefly? 

Are we second-class people? So talk about it openly, make it loud and simple. You see,  you can go this far, but don’t show up here as you are not good enough. Because you are narrow-eyed chinks, black-faced monkeys, etc. We will understand everything! And the fact that we are inferior to our country. And that this will never change. And the fact that the officials are afraid of us because of our Asianness and their xenophobia… We will understand everything and draw the right conclusions: we have different paths to follow as you are Nazis. We need to quickly break away from your racist Empire and build our own national republics.

And most importantly, there is no need to be involved in the war against Ukraine, to die there for those who do not consider us human. Ukraine has not done anything bad to us, and Muslims are not afraid or despised there.

I sometimes watch our propaganda videos, not excluding the ones aimed at erasing national identity, and I think that we, all Muslim “narrow-eyed chinks” and “circumcised people”, may have to pass an exam on loyalty to the “white masters” someday. If you pass, you will go to the top, if you do not pass, you will have  to resit it, or rather,  additionally ‘learn’ until full consent with the official principles of the Russian world. Those who have successfully passed such an exam become members of the community of managers, lucky high-ranking servants of the regime. They fall into a kind of chauvinist Russian nomenclature. True, not immediately. And always not to the end – you can’t change the shape of your eyes and the color of your skin.

You are forever a subject to slight contempt. But the White Chief, after your showing loyalty and diligence, can scratch the ear of a Mongoloid subordinate loyal to the “Russian world”, pat him on the withers and say: “Well done, Mankurt, a good dog. Good! Walk next to your master!” And he will give the devoted dog a piece of sugar. And he will be able to protect him if somehow a colored servant put his foot in it and broke the law, because a loyal half-slave can be allowed a little more.

Those who wish to become applicants for the right to pass the Mankurt exam are not rare, unfortunately. For instance, the teachers in the Tatar school who forced children to raise their hands (zig) to the words “I’m Russian!” from the Shaman’s song. They have given up everything Tatar and are looking towards Moscow, which promises a satisfying and peaceful life. Probably, they sincerely strive for the same choice for their children – to “wash away the Muslim impurity” and live according to other people’s concepts, but with pleasure and  superiority of those admitted to the manger.

 I have already written what the final exam for “Russianness” consists of. It is, actually, not difficult at all. You don’t even need to cut your mother and father’s throats or become Pavlyk Morozov in any other way. You just need to go to your native village…. Why native? You renounced of it a while ago  and now  try not to mention it to Russians. So, go to the village where you grew up and went to school, go to the old Muslim cemetery, where your ancestors lie, your grandfathers and grandmothers, who loved you so much and always pampered you with treats… find the grave dearest to your heart and say three times: “I am Russian! I am Russian! I am Russian!”, and then spit on this grave. That’s it! After that, you are already completely freed from the oppression of non-Russianness that is so unpleasant to you. And even if somehow they don’t credit your exam (anything can happen!), you can’t be a Tatar anymore. You can sing Kipelov’s song with joy: “I am free in reality, not in a dream!”

You can continue to serve the Russians, nothing will ever make you doubt if you have to trample a fellow countryman. An official, a security guard, a teacher-propagandist, a soldier-aggressor-murderer-rapist – see what opportunities open up before you! Forget about your blood and your faith as soon as possible, rush forward to the tempting peaks of life – it’s worth it!

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