Beat the enemy with his own weapon

Beat the enemy with his own weapon

Many, at first glance, extremely unfavorable situations can still be used to one’s advantage if one thinks carefully. Dictatorships always get to the point where the system begins to devour itself. There is no sense in waiting for blind chance to send your pro-Russian neighbor or familiar Z-Nazi to the millstones of dictatorship. Feed him to it yourself. Now snitching is becoming extremely popular among rashists. But it can work like a double-edged stick. You, too, can snitch about your pro-Russian acquaintances, not only they can snitch about you.

Yes, snitching is not something right and noble, but we are at war for our survival, and if you did not snitch, then they will snitch about you.

There are no good or bad soldiers in war. There are living or dead ones.

War is not a metaphor. We are really at war for our existence. In the state without rights, it makes no sense to play by the rules of nobility and morality.

You can be really prepared and anonymized to be sure that the special services will not come to you. And they will come because of the color of your shoes, because of the careless words of your child, because the grass in your yard has grown in some kind of satanic form – if there is a person, there will always be a case against him.

In the past, many people have been repressed just for the fact that an acquaintance mentioned their name during interrogation. No one even figured it out: they called his last name, which means he was involved. Gradually we are returning to such a system. A system in which not only the strongest and most cunning one survive, but also the one who hit (snitched) first.

Now informers greatly weaken any anti-Russian movements. Because we are simply “knocked out” of action. If we bring the system to the point where it feeds mainly on pro-Russian people twisted in its millstones, this will lead to its gradual collapse.

So snitch. There are endless reasons to think about properly. It all depends on your imagination.

Did your familiar or not familiar rashist launch a drone into the sky? Well, this is US agents and he coordinates attacks on Russian cities.

Does your pro-Russian acquaintance has relatives in Ukraine and does he live near a military base? This is a spy for Kyiv.

If you cannot come up with a reason, then create it yourself, actually setting up the enemy subject. Paint the gates of a rashist in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, discreetly stick a sarcastic picture on the rear window of the car, for which they can give a term – anything. What can you come up with.

If you cannot think up or set up, then make sure that the “client” sets himself up. Bring him “to the edge of the abyss” at his own desire. For example, pretend to be a standard rashist in absolutely any situation. Pro-Russian people complain about problems in the country? Tell them that everything is fine and only the enemy elements can think otherwise. They will object to you and tell you enough for a term. Be sure to document, record video, or speak in front of witnesses.

Do you want to catch even unfamiliar orcs “on live bait”? Make an alleged claim to the authorities that 80% of the population’s wages be given to the needs of the imperial front. Even the most pro-Russian people will provide an anti-war and anti-imperial flurry of emotions towards you.

Some of the rashists say that they are looking forward to the end of the war? Say that you would not mind sacrificing even a few tens of millions for the sake of the victory of the empire.

Well, and so on in the same style.

The more rashists we feed the system, the less of us the system will devour. Perhaps, most of them will never see the light, but at the very least, it can knock them out of the game for a long time and create an overload for the repression machine, making its work more difficult. In the end, this can lead to the fact that the dictatorship will reduce the pendulum of repression many times, realizing that otherwise it will collapse.


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