Batyrevo Chuvash village is drowning in shit and melting snow to drink water

Due to constant sewerage accidents, sewage spills directly onto the road in the village center, and recently a girl fell into an open manhole, which was not visible due to flooding. The lid, of course, was stolen. This is the second accident in the local sewer system in less than a week.

At the same time, every winter all local residents are forced to melt snow and collect water from the roofs, although they have running water – the superpower cannot replace dilapidated pipes, so in winter the water is turned off when a big frost is forecasted. The village was without water at least 5 times only in December.

Meanwhile, in Kazakhstan, in just one year, 2023, 43 schools for 54,400 schoolchildren were built using money seized from corrupt officials. This is what the sovereignty of the country means, and not that Nikolaev rag with an embroidered map of the occupying country, which they use to cover the eyes of the Chuvash so that they do not see war, poverty, assimilation, or occupation of their land. And it works like this: you go to Batyrevo’s chats, and everywhere there is “Glory to Putin.”


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