Bashkir honey from Russian bees

Bashkir honey from Russian bees

How far can chauvinism and the desire to appropriate everything go?

It turns out that “Central Russian bees will disappear in the near future due to illegal bees that are brought to Bashkiria from Uzbekistan.” This is what scientists from the Ufa Federal Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences said.

All over the world, this type of bee is called the European dark bee. It comes from the Balkans. It would seem, what does the Russian bees have to do with it, especially the “Central Russian bees”, if it spread naturally from the Apennines to the Urals and Dikson – that is, throughout Europe?

Russian sources say that subspecies of the Tatar, Bashkir and Burzyan bees were bred from the “Central Russian” bee – you can appreciate the irony. Probably, the bees of Bashkortostan would not have collected honey without the Russian bee.

And so it is in everything and everywhere. For example, the East European geological platform is called “Russian” only in Russia. Nowhere else. In other countries it is called Fennoscandian or Eastern European. Without any Russians. Each country has the right to its own names for various things, but only if this is not done as a result of chauvinistic insanity.


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