Azatlyk! Azatlyk! Today the Tatars voted FOR independence

Azatlyk! Azatlyk! Today the Tatars voted FOR independence

The referendum on March 21, 1992 showed that the Tatars’ aspiration to strengthen their own statehood has not gone away and any paper republic is not enough for them. Of the 81.7% people participating in the referendum, 61.4% voted “FOR”.

It is important to note that the referendum was real – unlike the show organized by Moscow, no one seized Tatarstan from the outside and did not conduct voting at gunpoint.

We do not know what percentage of those voting were Tatars, but we know that even representatives of other peoples of Tatarstan voted “FOR”. Because this is their home. Well, they are not Tatars, but Tatarstan is their home, and they do not want a Moscow occupier to be in their home.

It is thanks to the desire of the Tatars to have their own state that the post of President of the Republic of Tatarstan has appeared, which Minnikhanov successfully sells to Moscow, not giving a damn about all the dreams of the Tatar nation of freedom and independence. He did not even remember the referendum that day. He did not remember, as Tatarstan was not part of Russia. Moscow exploits the republic absolutely without any consent from the population. Minnikhanov knows and understands this very well, but he is pursuing personal monetary interests. Someday he will have to be responsible for everything in front of the nation.

Artificial intelligence helped make color photographs of those great days. Freedom was so close…


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