Another parade of hypocrisy happened in Saransk

Another parade of hypocrisy happened in Saransk

“The facade of the building of Moscow State Pedagogical University named after M.E. Evseviev now flaunts a portrait of Konstantin Ushinsky, the Russian teacher, writer, as well as his quote, “As long as the nation’s language is alive in the mouths of the people, so long the nation is alive.” It is impressive and thought-provoking!” such news is spread out to all the ears by the Russia supporting public pages.

Now let’s figure it out. Firstly, what language are we talking about in the capital of the Republic of Mordovia? If it is about Erzya or Moksha, then this phrase should be written in these languages. If we talk about Russian, then why on earth did it become considered the national language in the lands of Erzya and Moksha? Naturally, such a farce makes you think, as Russia supporters write.

Secondly, another Russian-world surrealism happened, because Konstantin is a Ukrainian, born in Glukhov, Chernihiv region. He lived all his life in Ukraine and he said his phrase about the “national language” exactly about Ukrainian language. Again, Rushists are appropriating outstanding people from other nations under the good pretext of “concern” for the indigenous peoples, about whom they do not even care.


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