“And who allowed you to live well?” What Russians really forgot in Ukraine and how they steal a chance for a normal life from indigenous peoples

“And who allowed you to live well?” What Russians really forgot in Ukraine and how they steal a chance for a normal life from indigenous peoples

Article is prepared for the “Free Idel-Ural”.

The Internet is spreading a photo with the inscription in the toilet “And who allowed you to live well?” This phrase in various variations also sounds from the mouths of Russian soldiers captured in Ukraine and can become the true motto of this military campaign.

At one time, some Russian bloggers made entire careers for themselves, telling the Russian cattle from the provinces about how Ukrainians live in poverty. There were jokes on the Internet comparing Ukraine and African countries, and the image of a dumb Ukrainian worker had a particular popularity in culture in the 2000s and 2010s. However, the reality turned out to be unpleasant for a simple Russian person, stunned by the standard of living of the Ukrainian peasant.

All the poverty of the “liberators” in comparison with the “poorest people of Europe” is clearly illustrated by photos of burnt (stolen) Russian trucks, from which looted things stick out – washing machines, monitors the same age as their hijackers, and the other day there was a photo of something suspiciously similar to a booth. Today, a photo was added from the Chernobyl zone, where the invaders unscrewed the headlights of a VAZ, which was a part of the monument. Miraculously, the tires remained in place.

It would be possible to make fun of the poverty and miserableness of the “plushkin” nonentities for a long time, if not for one detail: these are embittered and armed nonentities. They thought that the tortured population would meet them with flowers, but it turned out that no one was waiting for them, and even sat down in their “luxury towns” (although these are ordinary suburbs). The barbarian, evil for the whole world, rushed to destroy “Rome”, having lost on the way a book on this topic, stolen from a Ukrainian store because of the golden cover. The desire to prevent someone from living better than him is the culmination of this destructive monster from the east, which came to take by force what he himself is not able to produce; and what does not fit – to destroy, because this is at least some consolation for Vanyushka (a gentle form of a common Russian name), hunted down by the motivated and armed APU.

After all, Vanyushka is used to behaving like that. At home, Vanyushka dispossessed everyone who lived richer 80 years ago, and since then he has been meticulously watching so that no one achieves better than himself, and since he himself is a loser, other peoples must rummage in the swamp, eating alien to them “spiritual bonds”. Ukraine managed to escape from Vanyushka and live separately. And only when the regions of the Russian Federation follow the path of Ukraine will they have a chance for a better future. And while the indigenous peoples resignedly look at how the collaborators placed over it collecting  tribute for Moscow and eating up the crumbs from these streams, they are all doomed.

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