“And now we will live very good!”

“And now we will live very good!”

Opinions are divided. Some readers express the idea that not everything is so bad with the adopted changes to the Constitution of the Republic of Tatarstan. Minnikhanov, they say, managed to retain the post and the title of “President” until 2025. Until the time when Putin will have left the position. This allegedly indicates wisdom and far-sightedness of our Supreme Official. Three more years will pass, and there … Our old hope is that either the padishah will die, or the donkey will die. The approach, of course, is wise, philosophical in the Eastern way, which should be used when one feels that he has lost and he is screwed.

What have we saved, besides the title of the highest post in the Republic? The very word “President” that is credited to Minnikhanov? And, perhaps, nothing that is at stake in the cruel game called “struggle for sovereignty.” The provisions of the articles on sovereignty, citizenship of Tatarstan, the need for knowledge of the Tatar language by the head of the republic have disappeared from the Constitution of Tatarstan. Articles stating that Tatarstan rejects violence and war as a means of resolving disputes between states and peoples; on the prohibition of war propaganda; that arrest, detention and custody are possible only by court decision have been abolished. I don’t know how after such “successes” one can talk about any gain, both tactical and strategic.

Of course, Minnikhanov did not lose. He managed to insure his personal rear. The example of Kadyrov and Lukashenko, who traded a special status for themselves in relations with the Kremlin, was not unnoticed by the respected Rustam Nurgalievich. He came to the right conclusions – it was time to increase his value a little and, if possible, raise the liquidity of the power derivatives held. He knew that the situation is not right now for Putin to start replacing the Tatarstan Rais “rebellious”  in the pursuit of his own interests with a more obedient one. Putin also took this into account. One wrong step – and the situation could become so difficult that it would be more expensive for him to solve it.

Apparently, therefore, Minnikhanov was allowed to pass the draft amendments to the Constitution he needed at the session of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan. In response to such a favor from Moscow Sultan, the Tatarstan Padishah Rustam Minnikhanov, addressing the deputies and all the people of the Republic, loyally declared that if the rest of the proposed amendments to the Constitution would not be accepted, that would be an occasion to “split Russia … People will understand: here Tatarstan has risen, Putin is not doing well, Russia will be broken into pieces.” As a result, almost all Putin’s wolves turned out to be full, and Minnikhanov’s personal sheep were safe.

According to the author, in such a situation, the statements of the Tatar establishment about the saved positions are a good face during a bad performance: I’m still strong, it doesn’t mean anything that they took off my pants in front of everyone and punched me in the face. I’ll get revenge, everyone will see! They will see later…

The measure of losses-wins in this game is very simple – one just need to ask the question: what will the Tatar people get? Will the Tatar language be introduced again in schools? Or will they stop sending Tatar village boys to Ukraine for slaughter? Will there be more freedom, will they stop arresting right on the streets for any sneeze against Moscow and Kremlin? Maybe the Tatars will live richer, they will immediately gasify and build good roads everywhere?

In what way will millions of Tatars be able to feel the “improvement” of life after the modification of the Constitution? And if you look a decade ahead, who will marry Tatar girls, who will raise Tatar children? Besides affectionate and hardworking Tatar grandmothers, children also need Tatar fathers! And their dead bodies lie in the Ukrainian fields, not buried according to Muslim custom, and their souls wander in darkness. The command of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation does not even want to collect the remains of the dead. Why do we talk about collection? They do not want to take the already collected bodies out of Ukraine for burial, despite the requests of the Ukrainian authorities, who spend scarce electricity on servicing refrigerators where the bodies of Russian soldiers are stored.

Where is that line in the Basic Law of the Republic of Tatarstan, relying on which we can say with relief, “Well, thank Allah, now we will live very well!”? Maybe the author is such a fool that he did not see such innovations clearly. He does not see, a simpleton, a disguised cunning Tatar step towards peace and prosperity, towards Tatar freedom and Tatar dignity. Maybe you can suggest it to him? Don’t be shy, show him!

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