All hope for Ukrainian saboteurs

All hope for Ukrainian saboteurs

Everyone has already noticed that the number of fires and other emergencies has increased throughout Russia over the past year. It is clear that a significant proportion of these incidents is the result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The atmosphere of spy mania swept over all the republics of the Idel-Ural. It gets ridiculous. In Zubova Polyana (Republic of Mordovia), an old factory burned down recently, which until recently was used to store grain, and in recent months the buildings have been completely empty. Photos of the fire quickly spread across social networks with rumors: Ukrainian agents in Zubova Polyana burned down an empty barn! The vigilant citizens of Zubova Polyana immediately strengthened the security of the wooden sheds and outdoor toilets, so that the Ukrainians and their allies would not make another successful raid into the depths of Mordovia in order to destroy the most important wooden objects of the workers’ settlement.

It would be funny if not for the official statistics. Last year, the Accounts Chamber of the Republic of Mordovia conducted an unscheduled inspection of 16 communal property facilities. It turned out that all 16 facilities were “in emergency condition, there was no security, their territory was not fenced”, and all possible fire safety rules were violated. That is, on paper, the premises were repaired, had security, fire alarms, and so on. Some facilities were built twice… In other words, the officials from Ruzaevka read the news about the burned barn with envy and were so offended by the Ukrainian saboteurs that they went to Zubova Polyana. After all, they could respect Ruzaevka by incinerating the Young Army House, which, according to official documents, was repaired twice in one year for 9 million rubles.


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