Address to the Bashkirs of the Committee of the Bashkir National Movement Abroad

Address to the Bashkirs of the Committee of the Bashkir National Movement Abroad

Dear citizens of the Republic of Bashkortostan!

More than a year has passed since the attack of fascist Putin’s Russia against Ukraine. Hundreds of thousands people have died this year, many cities and towns have been destroyed, and millions of destinies have been crippled. Never before in the history of mankind has anyone so openly threatened humanity with nuclear weapons; called fascism anti-fascism; killed a huge number of people for the sake of extending the life of the Putin political regime.

Unfortunately, our Republic of Bashkortostan, being a disenfranchised colony of Moscow, is forced to take part in this inhuman aggression against Ukraine. Only according to the official data, more than half a thousand men from our republic have already died in this war, and even more have been injured and maimed.

Today the society in the republic is split.

We know that many of you secretly condemn the war. We understand that open opposition to the war in today’s fascist Russia is dangerous and can lead to very serious consequences for a protester.

On the other hand, we see that many citizens of the Republic of Bashkortostan are involved in the crimes of Putin and his criminal gang. There are those who fight on the side of the Russian occupation troops, there are those who agitate other citizens of the republic to fight on the side of the Putin political regime and in every possible way participate in pure fascist propaganda.

Dear citizens of the Republic of Bashkortostan, a number of world states have recognized Russia as a terrorist state. The list of states recognizing Russia as a terrorist state is expanding all the time.

Just the other day, the International Criminal Court in The Hague issued an arrest warrant for Putin. This suggests that the confrontation of the entire civilized world against the criminal Putin regime has entered the final stage. No one will negotiate with the criminal Putin anymore, there will be no concessions either. A coalition of world countries led by Ukraine will inexorably push the matter through and the Putin regime will be overthrown. You will all be witnesses to this event.

Dear citizens of the Republic of Bashkortostan, we know that many are now rethinking what is happening in Ukraine; many did not expect that when the war broke out; many realized that Putin’s gamble led the country to complete collapse.

We address all citizens of the Republic of Bashkortostan, regardless of their nationality, religion and social status.

We address the representatives of the Bashkir authorities, intellectuals, officials, students, entrepreneurs, teachers and other professions, and all those who are forced to cooperate with the authorities of Khabirov and Putin due to their professional duties.

The collapse of the Putin fascist regime is predetermined, and great upheavals await the country. Retribution for all the crimes committed by the Putin regime is inevitable! 

You still have a chance to stand on the side of Good unless it’s too late.

To everyone who did not participate in crimes against civil society, did not kill or hurt people, did not smirch oneself with fascist propaganda, did not participate in the campaign for the war against Ukraine, we guarantee amnesty after accession to power .

All military personnel from the Republic of Bashkortostan who took and take part in the war against Ukraine serving under a contract or mobilized from home, not implicated in crimes against civilians, in the killings of civilians, looting, torture and inhuman treatment against the Ukrainian people, will be amnestied  after a thorough check. But for this, you need to stop fighting on the side of Putin and refuse to carry out the criminal orders of your commanders right now.

Servicemen of volunteer military units cannot be subjected to amnesty.

We also urge you to refuse from cooperating with the Putin regime and supporting those who have already smirched themselves in one way or another with the above crimes. To do this, you need to openly condemn the Putin fascist regime and join the fight against it. In this case, you can count on commutation of a sentence after being brought to punishment for your crimes.

Moreover, those of you who will record the crimes of the Putin fascist regime, collect dossiers on criminals and pass this information to us – all these will be mitigating circumstances for you.

We would like to remind you that crimes against humanity, genocide and war crimes have no statute of limitations. All those who have committed or will commit such crimes, wherever they hide, will sooner or later be identified and convicted. And we will actively help bring such criminals to justice and extradite them to the International Tribunal.

Dear citizens of the republic, remember: our homeland is not Moscow or Russia, our homeland is the Republic of Bashkortostan. And so that it will never again be a colony without rights, and its residents will not be hostages in the hands of madmen from the Kremlin, the Republic of Bashkortostan must become an independent sovereign state. Our republic has everything for this, it has hard-working citizens, developed industry and economic potential, huge natural resources, and support from the world community.

You just have to make the right choice!


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