A fragment of a free republic in the imperial depths

A fragment of a free republic in the imperial depths

In Izhkar, sculptures are dressed for the New Year, whose characters are amongst the symbols of the insurrectional movement against the Galactic Empire. Probably Brechalov did not watch these movies.The imperial wilderness is not bad. Rebellion always originates where people’s lives are more difficult. Ferix was such an imperial wilderness. But it became the core of the uprising. Yes, it is just a movie, but it is based on historical experience about the birth and death of empires.

“There will be times when the struggle will seem impossible. This is already clear. Weak resistance, unsure in front of the number of the enemy. Freedom is a pure idea. It arises suddenly and without instructions. Sudden acts of an uprising occur regularly throughout the empire. There are entire armadas, detachments that do not even suspect that they are already involved in the matter. It is important to remember that the frontier of the uprising is everywhere, and even the smallest act of the uprising moves our lines forward. The imperial need to control is so desperate because it is not natural – tyranny requires constant effort, it collapses, it flows away. Power is fragile and oppression is a mask of fear. The day will come when all these acts of disobedience and battles will flood the shores of the empire, and then there will be too many of them. There is only one thing that will break a siege — the absence of fear.”“The empire wants to stay with us. We slept for a long time and did not notice it, ignored it, pretended that it was none of our business. The empire is a disease that thrives in darkness. It is strongest when we sleep. Maybe to struggle is too late and in vain for us. But we should struggle. After all, it is not too late for others. Struggle against the empire!”

(c) Star wars.


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