A demon who congratulates our children

A demon who congratulates our children

Each of Idel-Ural nations has its own mythology, its own traditions. However, we all were  imposed a general tradition, which not only has nothing in common with our traditions, but is also harmful to us.

Father Frost is a sweet and kind grandfather with his granddaughter, who brings gifts from the occupied Finno-Ugric lands of Veliky Ustyug, but at the same time presents himself as Russian?

Before the Soviet regime, no such tradition existed. Father Frost is a demon in Slavic mythology who freezes travelers lost on the road. The Snow Maiden (his granddaughter) is also not a cute character and not the granddaughter of her grandfather, but a young girl sacrificed to the demon of cold, who was tied to a tree and left in the frosty forest. The grandfather’s red clothes are frostbitten and reddened skin. The Snow Maiden’s blue clothes are a corpse turned blue in the cold. Did the Soviet regime know about this mythology? Of course, they knew, but what did they care about someone’s folk traditions if they were creating a new Soviet people?

When the Soviet regime seized power, they needed to build something fundamentally new and different. Simply put, in modern slang – to gather an audience on the wave of hype. A demon who brings gifts and entertains children, what could be more hype? Everyday life and language create mentality, therefore, having created Soviet new language, the Bolsheviks did not forget about people’s life, creating a new reality for the population, in which all the old traditions are either turned upside down or completely cleansed – to free up space for a new festive ideology.

Now we are seeing how Ukrainians have crossed out Father Frost from the list of those who congratulate children. He no longer comes to them drunk on New Year’s Eve. Because this character does not fit into their folk traditions as a kind-hearted and positive character. We should do the same. These are not our myths, not our culture. All this was created only to replace our customs and our way of life. So that we lose our roots and our traditions, exchanging them for the secondary Russian culture.


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