8 months of big Russian obscurantism

8 months of big Russian obscurantism

Today the Rashists have an anniversary date – 8 months of full scale aggression against Ukraine, where they kill, torture, rob, rape, destroy cities. They joyfully celebrate this anniversary, proud of all the war crimes they have committed, and “no one can stop it”.

And they are not at all sad that during this time they have lost almost 70 thousand soldiers, more than 5 thousand combat vehicles, 3 thousand tanks, 520 helicopters/aircrafts and even 16 ships.

It is not sad because they do not really count their losses – after all “for Russia there are no unacceptable losses” as one Kremlin propagandist said.

Who cares how many soldiers died there, if this war is like a gift from heaven for the empire – apart from the opportunity to make money on plundering military budgets, to seize new territories, new slaves and resources, there is also the opportunity to dispose of those who do not fit the high standards of the super-state on racial, ideological or religious grounds, and get rid of the excess of the “budget-parasitic” lower social class and criminal elements?

However, the “colossus on clay feet” faced an “unexpectedly” strong resistance from Ukrainians, an “unexpectedly” real Ukrainian army, an “unexpectedly” large support from the world community for Ukraine and an “unexpectedly” weak and pillaged Ukrainian army.

Yes, of course – at the beginning the empire had strong, well-trained (even if from old textbooks) units with good equipment and with quite high motivation. But because of the mediocrity of the top leadership and underestimation of the Ukrainian army, as well as failure to take into account the rejection of the local population of the occupation troops – all these, so to speak, “elite” units were wasted and very quickly ran out. Who “obstructs” the development of the empire, who “threatens” it with separatism? It is quite obvious that all the “disadvantaged” regions should be cleaned of the active indigenous population and those more loyal to the central government settled in their place.

Along with the loss of combat-ready troops, the fear of the Kremlin’s vassals and puppets before their weakened suzerain, who has lost all prestige, began to disappear:

🔘 “ungrateful” for his throne, the Kazakh dictator Tokayev has taken to manoeuvring between NATO and China, showing his contempt for Muscovy in every possible way;

🔘 The incredibly “brazen” dictator of Tajikistan asks to treat his country as an equal partner, and at the same time, refuses to help in the war, although on papers CSTO is supposed to;

🔘 Armenia and Azerbaijan, whose conflict for decades the Kremlin has supported and sought to increasingly develop, “suddenly”, immediately at the weakening of the Kremlin, sign a peace treaty and mutually recognise each other’s borders, thus depriving the empire of another point of influence in the Caucasus and “flattening” a large market for arms in the region.

In addition to all the above, in those 8 months the empire has managed to deserve imposition of an unprecedented number of international sanctions against it in world history, and at the same time to bring the entire world to that “boiling point”, at which various countries began to compete with each other not in who would “pacify” Moscow in negotiations, but in who will supply arms to Ukraine more and faster.

All these events could not but have an impact on the empire itself. Rebellious forces are gradually growing within it – some want a change of power, some want the collapse of the empire itself. Eventually, it will lead to the collapse of the empire, but it is too early for that – there are not yet that many victims or that scale of defeat (at least, awareness of the scale of defeat) at which the majority of the empire’s population will start their senseless and merciless revolt, during which it is important not to yawn and direct the rebellious masses in the right direction to disintegrate this fascist state more quickly.


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