30 years of the new slave agreement

30 years of the new slave agreement

On February 15, 1994, the so-called “new federal agreement” was signed between the Resource Federation and Tatarstan. Instead of struggling for independence, the then leadership of Tatarstan decided to exchange freedom for the promised mountains of gold and prosperity. Otherwise, they promised to raze Tatarstan to the ground. However, as it usually happens, the one who has chosen bread instead of freedom loses both freedom and bread.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, there was a certain period of turbulence in the Kremlin’s possessions, which gave rise to a certain degree of freedom in the colonies. Just a little more and the instability would have reached the scale of the complete collapse of the under-empire.

If 30 years ago Tatarstan could speak out against the imperial metropolis and protect its citizens from participating in imperial wars, now every day it receives several coffins ordered by Moscow, and natives of Tatarstan die in Ukraine, Africa, Syria – anywhere except staying at home, to develop their native republic and increase its demography.

If 30 years ago Tatarstan told its population good news about many countries with which the Republic of Tatarstan managed to establish diplomatic relations, today they happily tell that 5 natives of the republic returned from the Moscow war from Ukrainian captivity, and this is considered an achievement of the greatest scale.

If 30 years ago Tatarstan had more or less freedom of speech, and the Tatar language was not called something “unnecessary” and “Nazi” or “splitting” the empire, now it is called so. At that time, the Muscovites had not yet emphasized whether the Tatars needed or did not need their own president, their own national pages in their passports, or their own statehood. Then the Muscovites did not mock the memory of the defenders of Kazan. Then the Muscovite Nazis could not openly march through the streets of Kazan, and even with the encouragement of the top authorities of the republic. They did not mock it, because they felt that Tatarstan was still strong and the paws of the two-headed mutant chicken could still let it slip.

Till a certain time. From the very moment the enslaving agreement was signed again, Moscow began again to “harness” the rebellious republic, dreaming of  eradicating the Tatars completely over time. Again, because the Tatars had already been deceived in such a way once before. At the beginning of the twentieth century, when the updated version of the Kremlin empire – the USSR – was created. Then the Tatars were also promised some kind of “agreement” in exchange for submission to colonial claims.

Now the “good Muscovites” are promising another “updated federal treaty” when the current Kremlin system begins to disintegrate. If Tatarstan agrees to servitude for the third time, we can forget about its existence. Moreover, the existence of Tatarstan is now in question, since Muscovy is rapidly rushing to disband the republics and destroy their statehood, in hope to avoid a new disintegration.

Today Moscow does not even remember the “agreement”. Tatarstan ceased to exist for it from the moment this piece of paper was signed. Remember the scope with which imperial propaganda tells the whole world about the ancient Treaty of Pereyaslav with Khmelnitsky – supposedly about the “reunification of Ukraine with Russia,” although in those days they did not know any Russia, and the treaty was about the military alliance, not about citizenship — Moscow remembers it very actively and even organizes celebrations on this occasion. All this is dust in the eyes. Moscow has still not yet been able to drag Ukraine back into its cesspool of the Russian world, so it is trying to fluff up its feathers and walk like a peacock in front of the Ukrainians, instilling new fairy tales.

It does not work like that with Tatarstan – it has been in this trap for a long time, and Muscovites think it will be forever. Therefore, they are not going to celebrate this day. Only the Tatars remember it, because it is difficult to forget about the Moscow collar around your necks.


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